Sent Direct Messages on Twitter with more Characters

Twitter has recently removed the limit for the characters in Direct Messages. Twitter has also announced that people can chat continuously with direct messages. Even through most of the conversations on twitter are public using @ symbol the new feature will give more room for discussing about the images, news and events through direct messages. As there is no limit in the characters being sent people can type all the matter in one go.

Earlier twitter have given options to send direct message with people without following. Replying back to the direct message is also possible with twitter direct messages without following. An option to send direct message directly from the home screen in Android was also introduced by twitter in the recent past.

The feature of twitter to have direct messages inside the private groups was introduced in this year which received positive response. In this group it is not necessary for the fellow members to follow each other in order to receive direct messages. And as soon as one person is joined to the group he will be receiving a notification.

Twitter has also said in the press release that public tweets will continue to be of 140 character length. The feature to add photos and videos along with links is also possible in public tweeting. The direct message limit removal is implemented on Android and iOS apps also. Some users across the world will be receiving the feature as it is released countrywide by Twitter.