Role of School and College Magazines in Education

Magazines published from Schools and Colleges have great importance in education. These magazine often reflects the image of the educational institution through the articles presented by the students and teachers. School and College magazines are great way to encourage the creativity in students which makes them effectively utilize language for conveying ideas. The true potential in writing among students can only be recognized through the work in magazines because there will not be much exposure in other ways.

School and College magazines are the most appropriate platform for students for exposure to the artistic potential among peer. One of the main advantage of college magazines is the fact that opinions about articles can be heard from the audience as most of them will be inside the college itself. The more intense and more in depth the language and content the more interested will be the audience to know about the author of the article.

Most of the budding talents in school opportunities to showcase their work through school magazines. The articles published in the school magazines also allows teachers various opportunities to motivate young readers. Teachers can also help students improve their language by giving proper suggestions and encouragement. As there are different kind of literature being published on school magazines students can choose categories based on their interest for publishing in them.

Most of the school and college magazines are published annually and there will much time available for students to prepare the content for the articles. It also helps the students to do research on topics before making the copy to be published in the magazine. More time can be spent for rewriting the content again and again for making it more attractive to the audience.