Revision tips for Students Before Examinations

The purpose of doing revision is for check the the understanding of the topics for a particular student. Doing revision helps students to link different topics inside a subject to form a whole idea. It is also helpful in reminding about certain topics that have been forgotten while preparing for the examinations. Revising topics also helps in making the topics thorough and increasing the confidence level. After revision of a particular subject the student gets a feeling that the knowledge level is increased which will help in performing well in the examination.

There are many ways of doing revisions for examinations. However the act of reading a set of notes again and again is not an effective method in revising a topic.  the effectiveness of revision increases with the interaction with the course material and through practice. Doing revision with the help of course material by trying to solve a problem is an effective method in learning. Another method involves making the data into a diagram that is easy to remember. Creating index cards is also a method of easily scanning just before exams. Sometimes discussing with other fellow students will also help in reminding topics that have been missed. During the revision stage it is also favorable to make comparisons with other topics inside the same subject will help in finding similarities.

While doing revisions it is essential to make a timetable and stick to it as far as possible. However it will be a waste to spend time on  rewriting each time if it is not able to stick to the timetable.  Answering questions from past question papers will be good while taking revisions. It will be easy in writing exams if different topics are learned together to form answers during the revision time.

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