Purpose of School Report Card in Educational Institutions

Nowadays School report cards are much more than grades of the student in the academic year. Some of the schools send even details about the subject being taught, progress student made through the year, how the student behave socially and the learning skills the student possess.

Usually schools use different alphabets to denote the grade of the student like D for Developing, S for Satisfactory and N for students need improvement. The Report card for students from lower class usually are like a checklist which describes the essential skill set needed for the class. Traits like sharing things is considered as part of the social development factors while how the writing is done as treated as motor skills. It is also possible to mark the ability to follow instructions given be teachers as a criteria for grade.

Sometimes certain students will not be able to perform well which may result in reduced rankings. During such times the students should be motivated to obtain higher grades without affecting them emotionally. Instead of emphasising on the subjects with lower grades it is essential to motivate students with the marks they obtained higher scores. Sometimes asking the students what he will be doing to obtain higher marks will help in performing better in the next examinations. Discussing issue with lower grades with teachers is also helpful in bringing te matter to students to improve rankings.

Having Teacher and students have meeting with the report card is helpful in making the students realise where they went wrong. Analysing sample of class tests and results of quizzes conducted at the school by the teacher will be helpful in pointing out the mistakes committed by the student and how it can be corrected.

Along with all these it is also important to convince the student that the report card is a statement of the talents the student possess. How hardwork and effort are valued by people also should be emphasised with the students.