Purpose of a Web Page – An SEO Perspective

The purpose of having a web page on a website is of utmost importance because only through it one can say whether the outcome of visit on the web page is a success. From the first moment of making the sitemap for the website itself a clear idea should be there regarding what are the primary reason for putting a web page. Google and other search engines have defined defined different purpose behind the search queries. Depending upon the requirement by the visitor the web page with most relevant content is being displayed in search engine results page.

Each web page on a particular website should have a purpose for the visitor. The amount of helpfulness is the primary factor for the quality ratings provided by search engines. A web page that doesn’t have any purpose for the visitor can be of deceiving quality and web pages created with the intent of manipulating search engines will be having low quality score.

A Web Page must have any of the following Purpose for helping the visitors

  • For sharing information regarding a particular topic.
  • For sharing information regarding a particular person place or its social importance.
  • For sharing images or other kind of media which can be shared over various social media platforms.
  • For entertaining audience with a certain kind of media.
  • For expressing an opinion about anything that’s having significance.
  • For sharing files or downloading Information

The purpose of the web page should be clearly written inside the content of the web page. A web page having misleading or pointless opinion will not be considered as quality content by search engines.