Progressive Web Apps – The Future of Web Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are special web apps that are a hybrid form of regular web pages and Mobile Apps. Progressive Web Apps utilize the features provided by modern browsers in combination with the benefit of mobile apps. A progressive web app can be viewed as a mobile app which was developed like a website. Modern browsers help to add icon to the home screen add push notifications on updates and browse progressive web apps offline. The lower time needed to develop a website compared to an app is combined with the deployment of mobile app through progressive web apps. Mobile Apps are also having advantages related to speed which is possible by storing of information and files on the mobile device.

The characteristics of Progressive Web Application are as follows.

  • Progressive – As these web apps are built with latest technologies and standards it should work on all browsers.
  • Responsive – The Progressive Web App should fit uniformly on any browsing device like desktop laptop tablet and mobile device.
  • Connectivity – The progressive web apps should work offline as well as when there is low bandwidth.
  • App Like – The navigation structure and the interactions on the web page should be similar to the one found on Apps
  • Freshness and Safety – The progressive web apps should be fresh and safe which is obtained through https connection.
  • Search Engine Friendly – The progressive web apps should be easy to discover by search engines crawlers.
  • Engagement – Through push notification feature the progressive web apps should be easy to be engaged with the user
  • Installation – The progressive web apps should be easy to be added to the home screen without going to app store.
  • Links – These apps should be easy to link each other without much complexity.

These factors make Progressive Web Application as one of the reliable web development method.

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