Misconceptions about Use of Technology in Education

Majority of parents are not aware of the possibilities of the use of software in education. So is the case with most of the teachers in universities and colleges who have limited exposure to the functionalities of software.  These gives rise to the opposition of use of technology in education. The following are some of the misconceptions encountered while implementing technology in education.

It is about Technology – Not Learning

There are many kind of technological devices available like laptops, tablets and mobile. Sometimes people unaware of using such devices find it difficult to adopt technologies into their life.  Some of them might be interested only in using conventional technological devices like PC and Desktops. More than technology, the information that is shared through such devices matters most. In earlier days single device were accessible to both teachers and students but with the addition of tablets and mobile devices everyone have access to content. Bringing own devices in the class can contribute to better learning apart from the technology being used.


Only can Expert can Handle Technology

Some people claim that they are unable to handle the various devices as they are not experts. However no person can claim that he or she is an expert with the wide array of devices available. Only through trying and searching over internet can various things be learned with such devices. Also the information will be available at any time we need it in internet.

Technology can only be used for certain subjects. 

In earlier days only certain subjects needed the use of technological devices like desktops. But nowadays every subject from Languages to Mathematics and Science to Extra curricular activities are available through various websites. These subjects can be seen and referred as and when needed through various technological devices.