Misconceptions About Search Engine Optimization

There are several myths associated with Search Engine Optimization. The following are some of those who are popular among SEO Companies.

Importance of Content
Most of the time popularity is more important than content as far as SEO is concerned. If a particular website have maximum number of visitors with respect to a topic then that website will be ranking on top of search engine rankings irrespective of the content. Most of the time websites having good content are visible in lower search engine rankings due to the fact that they are less popular than the websites in their area of expertise.

Importance of Google’s Terms and Conditions
Even after following the Guidelines associated with Google websites may not rank high on search engine results page. Most of the time the first two or three results will be coming from Google Ads which the customers click at large scale. Only a company investing in both Search Engine and pay per Click Management will shine in the sphere of Digital Marketing.

Importance of Whitehat SEO Methods
Most of the practices followed by Search Engine marketing professionals around the world are either Black Hat or Grey Hat methods. There might be sudden increase in number of visits if blackhat methods are used but once Google finds the deceptive method the website will be suffering in long term. Websites reported for webspam also perform low on search results even if nothing wrong has been done on the website.

Importance of Exact Match Domain Name
There has been much debate on the fact that exact match keyword in the domain name can affect search engine optimization. For certain business having keyword in the domain name have advantage over those website that are not having them. Some business now prefer to have a keyword rich domain as well as branded domain as part of their business.

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