Merits and Demerits of doing Homework to Students

The aim of of giving homework is to bring together the  learning at home and the learning at classroom. The following are the merits and demerits of homework.


Time Management Skills
Children who can manage time for scheduling subjects of studies and making plans to study will find homework useful in later years. Doing homework in the early stages of schooling will make working habits and increase study skills.

Engagement in Studies
Even Though more time is spent for studies at school, the assigned time will not be sufficient for learning. Doing homework help students for revising the subjects that are taught during the day. As there will not be any distractions from fellow students and learning environments students can perform better. There is also another advantage that parents will get opportunity for getting in touch with what is being taught at school.

Tracking Progress
By giving homework, teachers can do the tracking of the growth of knowledge among students. It will be easy for the teachers to find out where the students is behind their fellow students. Proper submission of homework also teaches students in  achieving responsibility.


No Freetime
One of the most important demerit of Homework is the non availability of free time that can be utilised for spending with family and friends. In higher classes some students will also find it difficult to go for part time work if they have more homework.

Excess Homework
After the long stretch of class hours the students will feel exhausted. And extra curricular activities will also cause burn out the energies which will create difficulties in doing homework. Excessive homework will also disturb the sleeping and food habits of children.


Value of Homework
Teachers are giving homework for assessing the quality of learning among students. And it will be difficult to measure the knowledge as parents and tuition teachers help in solving problems. The volume of homework also makes it difficult for the students to learn other subjects.