Merits and Advantages of by Microsoft Corporation

As the demand in market grow for building dynamic web pages and web applications Microsoft Corporation created Being part of the .net framework ASP is used for creating web page feature rich websites and web based applications. Dot Net framework offers various possibilities of using with J#, C#, VB apart from ASP. Web developers usually creates powerful applications using Visual Studio  which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. The web server which is used to host ASP based websites will be running on Windows.

In early days web pages were of static nature and content of the web pages need to be updated frequently. This lead to the development in web technology to dynamically update web pages. Active Server Pages which is popularly known as ASP runs on the server which dynamically generates web pages which can be made available through browsers.

The major advantages of are as follows

  • have built in Windows authentication which is configured for each application which keeps data in secured stage.
  •  The line of code needed for developing through is less for large applications.
  • The code in and HTML works together for generating dynamic web pages.
  • As the code runs on windows server before displaying on browser is an ideal server side scripting technology.
  • Deploying is easy because of the configuration information that is built in with the system.
  • It is easy to monitor the web pages and other components through windows web server.
  • Any kind of abnormal and illegal behaviors are terminated instantly and restarts after that.
  • High performance features like binding compilation and caching is possible with
  • For handling requests, all applications are monitored and managed efficiently using
From building a custom web application to a small website, Microsoft offers several features which are unique and easy for developers to use.