Major Equipments in Smart Learning Classroom in Schools

Smart classrooms are those classrooms which are equipped with latest technological stuff with the intention to make the teaching and learning process easy and effective. Smart classrooms can be classified as three based on the equipments available in the classroom. They are basic smartclasses, intermediate smart classes and advanced smart classes. Basic smart Classes have gadgets in the form of laptops, desktops, projectors, video players, viewing screens etc. Intermediate smart classrooms have smart podium with control panels in addition to the essential elements in basic smart classrooms. The advanced smart classrooms have all the equipments necessary for a smart classrooms with advanced features for every equipements.

The following are the general features of the equipments used in the smart classroom.

Desktops / Laptops
Desktops or laptops is essential for every smart classroom. the traditional teaching method with the use of chalk and blackboard is being replaced with presentation run on Desktops or Laptops in smart classroom.

Projectors are used for projecting pictures or moving images into the screen. majority of projectors uses Lasers or Transparent lens for projection of images.

Screens are rigid or flexible wall mountings or pull down screens used for displaying the projected images. There are also various kinds of screens with switch on and mobile functions.

Microphones or Mikes are devices for converting audio signals into electrical signals which can be transmitted or recorded. the live streaming through speakers are also possible with microphones.


Smart Podiums
These are platforms which are usually made of wood so that the speaker can give presentation by looking at the audience. These podiums can be connected with the laptop and digital pens can be used for pointing out at screens.

Video Players
Certain demonstrations can be shown with the help of videos and this can be played with DVD or VCD. Some video players also have options to play from USB Drives and Mobile Devices.