$6.6 billion on IT to be spent by U.S. Higher Education Institutions in 2016

According to  IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, U.S. Higher Education Institutions are expected to Spend $6.6 billion on IT in the year 2016. Much of this spending will be on enterprising networks and higher end notebook computers. The Pivot Table: U.S. Education IT Spending Guide gives an insight into the opportunities for IT in US Education sector across various education levels and functionality areas.

It is being found by the study that about 89 million students are being enrolled into education sector every year. This include full time, part time or continuing education sectors. Among the cities in US California leads while Texas and New York comes behind it on second and third places respectively.

The K12 Schools in US will spend about $4.7 billion in applications and PC Upgrades. Over $522 million will be spend on tablets for educational purposes.

It is being said by Shawn McCarthy, Research Director, IDC Government Insights that the growth in IT at educational institutions is boosted by the economy which is recovering slowly. There was a drop in PC sales last year and that might be because of the increase in number of people buying tablets added him.

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