Interactive White Boards in the Classroom

Interactive whiteboards is used for instructional purpose which uses computer generated images projected on the board using a projector. The images can be made interactive with the use of mouse or directly on the screen depending upon the features. These kind of boards adds more interactivity into the classroom and enhances collaboration with teachers. Interactive whiteboards provide many opportunities in the education sector. The use of interactive whiteboards have found its place in the business meetings for demonstration purposes. The use in education sector is however slowly increasing over a period of time.

There are several benefits of using such boards in education. Adding annotations is easy through such boards along with highlighting the necessary information. Notes can be added and drawings can be made which can be shared through a virtual environment for learning purpose. It is also possible to show images and videos through interactive boards which increases the engagement level among students. Certain associated elements can add audio into the media which can be heard along with the text being displayed.

Teachers can also invite students to do the interactions themselves which keeps them attentive. The students can also suggest additional things through interactive boards. It can also be used for group discussion purpose. Through collaborative learning interactive whiteboards can increase the amount of information conveyed to students. An interactive white board system usually consists of a Screen shade, Spotlight, Magnifier, Calculator and Pointer


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