Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

Instagram is one of most popular platform among social media with maximum rate of engagement. Managing content in the Instagram is one of the crucial part in marketing for business. The following are some of the marketing strategies and tips for Instagram.

Posting fresh content regularly is the first thing you should do to make the Instagram profile popular. Instead of posting at the regular time every day randomly posting is better as far as viewership increase is concerned. Brands which posts regularly increases the number of followers consistently.

Making the profile catchy is the next thing to do because it is the starting point people try to analyze the account. While uploading the Logo or profile picture it is mandatory to keep the square size and the logo branding uniformly across multiple social media.

Usually brands that start the conversations by posting about events and images having value to the customers gets maximum number of following and engagement. Combining photos and videos is another options to keep the views about products or events in the same picture.

Using the descriptions to the images wisely  and adding hashtags that increase the relevancy to the topic is good for increasing the engagement on Instagram. Using around 10 hashtags is optimal in the case of Instagram.

Responding to comments and doing mentions while sending messages to others is part of engagement. Brands who actively taking part in conversations creates lasting impressions in the mind of users. While uploading photos person in it tagging them will send notifications to them which will increase further influence.

Showing appreciation for customers in instagram is another way of creating engagement through social media. Showing photos of customers and showcasing their works will increase the chances of winning more customers.

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