Improving Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

The way people search for information over Google has changed the algorithms and it is essential to stick to the user friendliness as far as SEO is concerned. Optimizing the websites with respect to conversion has increased the scope of Conversion Rate Optimization. Understanding about the intend of the user is necessary to improve the conversion rate. The following are some of the tips for improving the website conversion rate.

  1. Creating content with the right Keywords in it for answering the questions the user is typing on the search box is necessary to improve the Conversion rate.
  2. Answering questions in a realistic way is essential to deal with the user intend which will improve the conversion.
  3. Matching the Call to Action inside the Landing page with the user intend is essential for improving Conversion.
  4. Identifying Navigational, Informational, Commercial And Transactional queries will help in developing the landing page in line with the user intent.
  5. Finding out what is the reason for navigating away from a web page is essential in dealing with Conversion Rate Optimization
  6. It has been known that the major reasons why people search on internet are for Doing Something, Knowing Something and Going Somewhere. Understanding which is this factor that drives traffic is essential for improving the conversion.
  7. Focusing on adding content in the form of Blogs, Images and Videos along with Landing pages to fulfill the different needs of customers is good for improving the Conversion Rate Optimization.
  8. Combining the data received from Google Search Console (Webmaster) with the Organic Keywords obtained from Analytics is helpful in revising the keywords used on the website.

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