Top Five Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Corporate organizations have implemented content marketing strategies very early and now small business organizations are also started doing it for content optimization. For competing with bigger brands small business organizations should include various content marketing strategies in their business plan. There are times of scarcity occurs for creating good content and this is same in the case of in house content writing or outsourced content. The following are some of the content marketing strategies can utilise for better branding and improved search engine ranking positions.
1. Content Marketing Calendar
Preparing a content marketing calendar is a good idea for creating content on regular intervals. The difficulty of finding topics for the content is a time consuming factor. If proper research is done on preparing the content it will benefit in long term.

2. Past Content Statistics
Doing research about what content has drawn more audience should be the starting point of content creation. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools are easy tools for digging about the audience research. Social Media Statistics will also help in finding out which content had gone viral in the past.

3. Social Trends
Watching trends about the news that is spread in short period of time will provide valuable information which could be utilized for better content. Trending topics on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus will give idea about the latest trends people are watching.

4. Surveys
Conducting surveys to find out what the customer really wants will provide insight about creating content for future topics. There are several survey platforms like Google Surveys for creating and managing surveys. Incentives like free download can be given to people who participate in surveys.

5. Visual Content
Most of the part of Search Engine Optimization focuses on written content while visual elements are appealing more to the readers. Several statistics have proved that content in the form of visual elements creates more engaging content. This also include infographics  and graphical images.
Creating videos having high quality is another way of producing content that can attract viewers. With the statistics from YouTUBE one can be impressed in the popularity of the video. Several features with the online editing tools makes it easy to create and upload videos.

Content marketing is the new buzz word of Search Engine Optimization industry. For small business preparation of content is a time consuming process, but once it is utilised tremendous improvement can be achieved for Search engine Optimization factors.