Importance of Ratings and Reviews on Google for Business

Reviews and Rating by Google on the Search Results page is a way to evaluate websites. Reviews is an evaluation which can be expressed in text whereas rating is the display on a scale of one to five. Google supports Reviews and Ratings for different kind of business products books and movies. When valid Schema markUp is shown on the web page this rating and review will be shown in Google search Results.

There are several guidelines and policies for showing the Review and Rating on the Google Search Results Page which are listed below.

  • The markup about the review and rating should relate to a specific product or specific service as stated by Google. The correct Schema should be used for Books Movies and products.
  • The visibility of Rating and Review shown be taken care of and users should be able to find the review and rating button on the Web Page. The Markup should be placed at a position visible to the users.
  • The Review and Rating should not be given to a category and care should be taken that the rating is given for a specific single product.
  • The name of the Author must be specified for giving reviews. Keyword rich names are not allowed by Google.