Importance of Extracurricular Activities in School Life

Many schools provide opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities before, after or on weekend days. Participating in extra curricular activities can help in developing many skills among students. the following are some of the points regarding the importance of extra curricular activities in school.

Time Management and Priorities
One of the greatest advantage of extra curricular activities is the time management skills. While doing many tasks students often comes to know the importance of setting priorities in life.

Diverse Interests
While participating in extra curricular activities students will get involved in a diverse spectrum of activities. These diverse process help them in exploring a multitude of interests.

Long Term Commitment
Another benefit of extra curricular activities is about making the students able to make long term commitments. The activity clubs and organizations at school help in teaching students the importance of commitment.

Extra curricular activities help students in contributing to the team in a positive way. It helps them in realizing what they will get in contributing to the fellow students. This helps in the overall growth of the student.

Self Esteem
Getting involved in extra curricular activities help the students in realizing the power of self esteem. Finding activities other that subjects of study helps the student to excel in the team.

Relationship Skills
Participating in extra curricular activities help in improving the social skills and relationship management skills. They help in realizing the importance of having strong relationship for mutual benefits.

Future Studies
Extra curricular activities help in creating a good impression while applying for higher studies and jobs. This gives an overall idea about whether the student is good at academics and other sports activities as well.