Importance of Classroom Rules and Regulations in School

The rules and regulations inside classrooms are the defensive line against misbehavior which should not be treated casually. The rules and regulations inside the classroom must be prepared considering the relevancy with the students. the following are general guidelines for creating rules and regulations for classrooms.

Classroom Rules must be Simple
While creating rules for classroom care must be taken so that students understand the rule. when the rules becomes simple and clear it will be easy for the teacher to convey them to students.

Classroom Rules must be Definable
There will not be any loopholes for clear rules. When each rule is defined clearly the matter will be communicated with the students effectively. What will be the consequences of breaking of rules will lead to more arguments.

Classroom Rules must be Enforceable
If the rules quoted by the teacher is difficult to be enforced then it will be causing other problems. If one rule is unmanageable then other rules also will become so.

Classroom Rules must be Expansive
All the rules regarding misbehavior must be stated in the rules and regulations. Otherwise it would be difficult to find out which rule was broken. While giving punishment the students should know about the rule they have broken.

Classroom Rules must be Prominent
If the rules imposed by a teacher is not important to them then chances are that their students will also take it as important. The rules and regulations must be visible to everyone and this will emphasise that learning is given highest priority.

Classroom Rules against Behavior
The academic expectation must be clearly separated from behavior expectations while creating the rules and regulations inside the classroom. an example of this is completing the homework in time.