Importance of Analytical Skill among Students

Analytical skill is the ability of students for identifying and analyzing complex problems and ideas for reaching at a solution. Analytical skill can be used for enquiring about useful information, studying of the information and knowing the major issues, checking how many possible ways of solving the problem and sorting out the best solution.

By the term “Thinking Analytically” it is meant that a student thinks and examines the possibilities exists and after clearly understanding go for explaining it. The following things are needed by students for doing analytical thinking.

Reason and Outcome of a Problem
Resemblance or Dissimilarities
Current Factors
Relationship between issues
Association between things
Order of Events
Complexity of issues and Performance
Methods of Solving Issues
Different stages during problem Solving

The following techniques will be useful for students to think analytically.

Asking Questions
The first step in thinking analytically is asking questions as described below
Questions based on Whom – Who is the inventor of the idea? Who participated in It?
Questions based on Where – Where is the idea originated from? Where can similar ideas be found?
Questions about When – When did the event happened? When was the issue occurred?

Using Diagrams
Use of diagrams help in knowing about the relationship between events and issues.
Through diagrams it is easy to find the cause of the issue and the order of events

Creating Mindmaps
These are diagrams that are having branches which helps in resolving complex issues.
The first step involves adding a topic and then adding more sub topics through branches.

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