How to use Pinterest for Social Media Marketing of Aesthetic Products

Pinterest is one of the best tools for marketing products that are having aesthetic appeal. It has been found out through several surveys that about 30% of internet users use Pinterest. The first things to start optimizing the business through Pinterest is by making the online presence firm.

Uploading Pins from Website
If the Image is uploaded from the website to Pinterest then link to the web page will remain same. Also if someone repins the Image then the link will remain same. This way you can get many backlinks from Pinterest.

Choosing Suitable Category
By properly choosing the category of the pin the pinned image will look relevant to the viewer. It wil also the possibility of looking the image as spammy.

Verifying the Websiteverifying the website through pinterest makes the users judge the pinned image as trustworthy since there will be a tick mark which ensures the credibility.

The following are some of the strategies that can be used for optimizing Pinterest.

Optimizing Pinterest Boards
Naming the boards with Keywords in the Title and Description will make them more relevant to the audience. Putting up several boards with different categories of the same Item is also good in driving people to click on them. Even Though there is space for writing more information it is advised to keep the content to minimum.

Optimizing Pins
Writing good descriptions which are catchy with less words will be effective in optimizing Pins. Pins with effective descriptions will get more comments and repins. It is also advised not to use Hashtags extensively as these might turn visitors away. Using multiple hashtags have also shown negative effect in Search Engine Results.

Optimizing Rich Pins
It has been found that pins which are related to places products recipes and movies are getting more repins and comments. Using these type of pins rich in content are effective in marketing through Pinterest. Pins which are linking to Articles having good content is also useful in driving traffic to the website.

Increasing Engagement
While Email marketing campaigns are used to send information to people social media like Pinterest is used as a way to engage audience. A two way process between audience and the brand will increase the engagement and the website linked from the pin will get more traffic.

Pin Button. 
Installing Pin buttons on the website makes the users easy to share content from the website easily. This way people will be linking back to the web page also. If Pin button is installed it will reduce the job of posting links through other media.

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