How to use Google Trends for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Trends is an under utilized tool which is having tremendous scope in Search Engine Optimization. Google Trends General categories include Business, Entertainment, Health, Science and Technology, Sports and Top Stories. Google Trends currently displays three featured stories in the home page. The trending stories in the last 24 hours can be seen through Google Trends. It is also possible to see YouTube trends and top charts through Google Trends. The following are some of the areas where Google Trends can be utilized.

Keyword ResearchUsing Google Trends one can find out how popular a keyword is how similar keywords are performing over the various parts of a particular country. However it is not good to use Google Trends alone to use for Keyword Research.

Brand MentionsGoogle Trends can be used for finding trends related to Big Brands. If a particular business is promoting big brands it is advisable to check the trends to promote whichever item is trending at the moment.

Viewership Analysis 
Google trends can be used for finding out the negative performing keywords. This can be used as a tracking tool for preparing strategies that can harm the exiting brands. It is also possible to create trending news based upon the existing data.

Content AnalysisDepending upon the popularity of news it is possible to use Google Trends for digging out ideas for creating new content. As trending content creates more viewers to watch the articles it is advisable to post articles based o trending news.

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