How to use Demographics in Search Engine Optimization

The main goal of Search Engine Optimization is to generate leads for products and services. If a product or service is shown to customers who is not interested will create negative effects. At the same time if the products or services is shown to the right customers then chances of getting more leads can be assured. Finding out the right customers involves study of the demographic data.

The location of the customers are of primary importance for lead generation. Through careful analysis of the Analytics data SEO strategies can be developed for finding out the right area to be targeted.

There are various statistical agencies which provide data about the income level of various age groups. Combining this with the amount of visits through Google Analytics can be used for finding out what price to be set up for the products. it is also possible to find out what products should be marketed to a specific income group.

For achieving full potential of the SEO factors it is essential to carefully analyze the age related factors. Only the targeted age group will be interested in a specific type of product. Based upon the taste of the age group it is possible to do the social media promotion and other related activities effectively.

Based upon the demographical factors like age and income the devices which are used to browse the internet also varies. This is also important as which products can be marketed through mobile devices and what product can be marketed through desktops.

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