How to Improve Problem Solving Skills Among Students

Every person solves different kind of problems in day to day life. Most of the problems faced by students involves using analytical and creative skills in solving problems. What particular skill is needed by the student in solving the problem vary depending upon the nature of the problem.

However skills like ability to analyse problems, think laterally, taking initiative, reasoning logically are essential in solving problems faced by students. The various steps involved in solving problems involve identification of the problem, defining the problem, examining the problem, acting on a plan which solves the problem and looking at the consequences.

The following steps can be implemented in solving a problem.

Problem Evaluation
At first the nature of the problem need to be clarified. Then questions need to be formulated and information need to be gathered which is organized and summarized. The objective of problem is defined at this stage which act as the starting point in solving the problem.


Problem Management
After evaluating the problem the information which is gathered should be utilised effectively. Making the problems into smaller segments and analysing them in detail should be done at this stage. It is also essential to identify the stages for the achievement of the objectives.

Making Decision and Resolving Problem
It is necessary to choose between the various options available and what further information need to be obtained. The next stage involves resolving the problem by implementing the action plan which has been prepared