How to Improve Memory Power for Studying

School going children need better memory power than adults for better functioning ability in day to day life. Although the amount of information is increasing daily it is being added to the existing knowledge. Sometimes students have to learn things that they might not be interested. Also the students are required to demonstrate their knowledge through examinations and tests. Because of this memory power is critical among students. All students will not be having the same memory power and sometimes remembering directions that are given during class hours will not be sufficient in keeping the information in memory.

Students who have short term memory will forget the first step while reading the second step. While reading a paragraph in an article those students might forget the thing once they reach the end of the document. Such students will learn the content of the course but will not be able to remember it at the time of tests. Most of the time they will be having trouble in recollecting details within a specific topic. The following strategies will help students in improving memory power effectively.

Giving Directions in Multiple Formats
If the directions are given in multiple forms like visual and verbal formats students will find it easy to memorize. By doing repeatedly grasping content of the course in multiple formats make their memory permanent. What need to be done should be specifically informed to such students for making it easier to remember.

Over Learning
Students with low memory power need to do overlearning the new information. The learning process need to be continued until they memorize the information. Care should be taken to ensure that the learning is error free while doing repetition.

Visual Images
Using various method to replace words or alphabets with images is a new way of memorizing effectively. Using words that are easy to visualize will also be good in improving memory power. With this kind of learning the students will try to memorize words that becomes the virtual image in their mind.

Handouts Distribution
By providing the briefings of the class that is going to be taken will reinforce the subject in the mind of students. This method also helps in organizing the information according to hierarchy that is easy to remember. Further details can be written in the handouts wherever further information needed.

Active Reading
Using underlining and highlighting important points in the course material will making it easy to scan the copies of the content. Quick scanning helps in recollecting essential information without fully reading the page.

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