How Overcrowded Classrooms can cause problems to Students and Teachers

Most of the parents are concerned about the way over crowded classrooms in public schools can influence the children’s ability to learn things. Although there has not been much research done on this area it is clear from the grades of the students that overcrowded classrooms can affect the ability of the students to learn and retain the information inside their brain. In fact the real reason why over crowded classrooms have minus points is due to the extent upto which teachers can concentrate on each student. The following are the general reasons for the unsuccesful performance of some students on overcrowded classrooms.

The number of teachers per student ration will be much less in overcrowded classrooms and this can lead too poor attention given to certain students in need of attention.

If proper care is not given for certain students there is a chance for them to get lower grades which is due to the lack of attention from the teachers.

Certain teachers will find it difficult to manage the class if there are more number of students and this can make them feel exhausted at the end of the class and creating a feeling that they lack time to concentrate on students.

When there are more number of students a teacher can manage the actual time spent for teaching will be less and more time will be spent for managing the students and organizing the class.

When there is uncontrollable crowd inside the classroom the level of noise can hinder certain students from listening properly to the class and this can reduce the attention span.

Even though there is much technological innovations happening in the field of education over crowded classroom management is much more tedious with technological aspects.

The teacher will also find it difficult to have a deeper connection with the student and understand his / her abilities to learn if there are more students in the classroom.

However most governing organizations are imposing rules and regulations to have the maximum number of students permitted inside a classroom to be less than the stipulated level. Teachers who are passionate about their job will work harder to overcome such barriers and connect with the students through their ability.