How does redirecting URL and Domain can Damage SEO

Redirection of a website or web page is the process of diverting a website visitor to another url or domain after clicking on a requested url. Redirection of Domains where used earlier for sending the users to the new domain if the business has changed the domain name. And redirection of URL is used by webmasters to consolidate many web pages into one

In certain cases internet analysts redirect certain web pages to other web pages while search engine crawlers are shown a different version of web page. This act of deceiving users will not be allowed by search engines like Google. In such cases search engines will be mistaken to index the original web page to be indexed while users will be redirected to the other version of web page. This also impacts the search engine results display pages.

The type of redirects that are considered against the rule of search engines are as follows. Search Engines see one type of content while users are redirected to another page. Sometimes during redirection desktop sees the original page while mobile users are redirected to spammy pages.

However if users are redirected to a different url after signing in to the website using javascript for other purposes search engines may not penalise them. The best way to have redirect is through 301 redirects.