Guide for Creating Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

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With more than 1.5 billion monthly users Facebook is one of the most successful social media platform all over the world. Every business should master Facebook to utilize the potential to reach the targeted market. Majority of people browse for information and read news through facebook rather than looking for other news websites and Google.

There are mainly four types of Facebook Ads. They are listed below.
(a) Sponsored Stories on Mobile and Desktop
(b) Sidebar Ads on Desktop
(c) Mobile App ads
(d) Video Ads.
All the above ads are having different layouts and sizes.

The Facebook Ads can be created for any of the following purposes
(i) Facebook Ads for Pages
(ii) Facebook Ads for Page Posts
(iii) Facebook Ads for Website
(iv) Facebook Ads for Events
(v) Facebook Ads for Apps
There are several advantages and disadvantages for each type of Facebook Ad Types.

The criteria for each type of Facebook Ad varies. Sometimes it might be for increasing the likes of the Facebook Page. Sometimes it might be for getting more traffic to the website. Sometimes it might be for more apps being installed on the Android Mobile Platform.

The most essential things a Facebook Ad needs is listed below

I. Call to Action
Having a Call to Action is one of the most important things for a facebook Ad. It can be one among the following
(1) Sign Up Form
(2) Like Button
(3) Click Button

II. Clear Ad Copy
Having a clear copy of ad text is essential for facebook Ad. How liking the facebook page or liking a facebook post will solve the problem should clearly be stated. How installing an App will reduce the effort and make things easier is critical for the Ad.using varied versions of Ad Copy can be used for finding out what content do customers like before finalizing the Ads. Giving importance to the benefits can easily impress the user to do the action.

III. Targeting Facebook Ads
Managing the Facebook to target the population interested in the product or service is of great importance. Choosing the location for the targeted ad, the demographic of the audience and the gender specifications are important. Age group and other profile details can also be targeted while creating Facebook Ad campaigns.