Growing Importance of Mobile Apps for Internet Marketing

The number of people who uses internet connection on mobile devices has increased significantly in the recent years. Companies spending on mobile marketing has also increased in the recent past. So it is essential to make the mobile apps marketing to be part of the marketing strategy. The top reasons why mobile apps should be integrated with seo is given below.

Number of Mobile App Users
More and more people are buying mobile devices every day. The number of mobile apps being installed on the smartphones also increases every day as per several statistics. This is also critical for non it companies also making mobile apps. The time spent on mobile phones also shows increase in the recent past. It has also been found that the time spent on browsers is around 20% wheras the time spent on mobile devices are around 80%.

Competitive Mobile App Stores
As there are plenty of Mobile Apps in the Android and iOS Apps store competition is very high. However most of the apps are not optimized to be easy to find out. Use of proper keywords in title and descriptions are not effectively used by most mobile apps. Also most of the Mobile Apps downloaded to the device are free. Through Free Apps it is easy to market the content to the audience.

Unique User Experience
Majority of Mobile Apps have unique user interface which are easy to navigate than websites. Use mobile apps to get things done is convenient compared to other devices. Overall ease of use is also greater in the case of Mobile Apps. This is due to the fact that minimum number of clicks is required to perform most of the actions. The efficiency of the Mobile is also higher as it can be made secure in many ways. Sharing information having privacy is also possible in Mobile Apps.