Google My Business Help Tips

Google My Business is extremely helpful in creating footprint on Google Local Search Results. Similar services are being offered by Bing but the accuracy of results is more on Google My Business. Not maintaining the quality of the My Business Page will lower the ranking in Local Results which will affect the search engine ranking positions, Some of the tips to improve the quality of Google My Business page is given below.

Business CategoriesThe category of the business for which you are offering products and services should be matching with the original and it should not be fabricated.

Google PolicyIt is essential to check whether the place page is violating the policy of Google. Keeping track of the emails from Google and changing the details when asked is essential to keep the place page live.

Duplicate ListingIf the business is being moved from one place to another it is essential to move the Google Business page location instead of creating a new one. Sometimes the time taken to move the marker may take longer time.

Name Address Phone Number
It is important to keep the Name address and Phone Number uniform across all places. If the number is different from that on the Website it will create lowering of search engine rankings.

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