Google Adwords Quality Score Tips

Google Adwords Quality Score is a measurement of how relevant an Ad about a search query. Google usually gives a quality score for your keyword which can be checked with the Adwords account. Google Adwords Quality Score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10. If the quality score is 1 then it will be an irrelevant ad and if the score is 10 then the ad is highly relevant to that keyword query.  The Google Adwords Quality score is calculated based on the keyword, ad copy and landing page. The following are the factors that affect Google Adwords Quality Score

  • The expected Click Through Rate depend on the past CTR of the keyword. In other words it express the number of clicks generated in the past for the keyword.
  • The number of clicks received through the same URL in the past.
  • The total Click Through rate of all the keywords and related ads in the account.
  • The quality of the landing page which depends on the navigation and other factors
  • The extend up to which the Ad is relevant to the Keyword
  • The area or geographical region in which the ad has generated traffic before.
  • The performance of the ads on display network before.
  • Compatibility of the devices in which the ads are displayed.
As the quality score of the ads improve the following advantages can be achieved.
  • More ad impressions can be earned which lead to click on the ads.
  • Higher ranking positions can be reached compared to other ads.
  • The Cost Per Click gets reduced as the Ad Rank improves over time.
  • It s possible to ad more ad extensions in the display of ads.
The quality scores vary with respect to the keywords. It is usually assumed that a quality score upto 3 is bad and if it is above 8 it is Best. The following things can be done for improving the Google Adwords Quality Score
  • Adding Negative Keywords to the keyword list will reduce the number of impressions which are relevant to the keyword.
  • Breaking the keywords into smaller groups and targeting better will be good in showing the ads to more relevant groups
  • Adding more catchy phrases to the ads will increase the chance of getting more clicks
  • By keeping the landing page more relevant one can get more conversions.

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