Game Based Learning in Higher Education

A recent statistics on games it was found that there are around one billion gamers around the globe spending at least an hour play playing some sort of game. The implementation of games like interactivity will increase the interactivity among students. It has been found the that the level of engagement decreases from elementary to high school through middle school.

The many emotions that gamers experience are joy, relief, love, surprise, pride, curiosity, excitement, awe and wonder, contentment and creativity and Gamification in higher education is going to be a lot more than what will be seeing today. The main reasons for which gamification will be good in education are because of the following reasons.

Incorporating games inside the curriculum will create an urgency to solve the problems that students face similar to situations in real life. This will increase the optimism in solving problems and facing problems.

The environment for most of the games in a social platform will increase the interactivity through learning. This will help in going beyond regular classroom style learning methods. Most of the people will be happy on reaching goals. In games this is attained by virtual games which sets virtual goals.

Studying theories alone will not help attain results. Through gamification hands on experience will be attained while interacting with real world problems.