First Day of School Advice for New Teachers

What all things contribute to the success of a teacher is a complex question. There is no single set of rules that can be followed and the success usually varies in approach for different individuals. And if the teacher is going to the school for the first time things can become more complicated. The new curriculum has to be learned in the beginning and the policies of the schools and class room management varies broadly. The following are some of the tips for new teachers going to the school on the first day.

The expectations by a teacher about the students have tremendous influence on the performing factor of the students. New teachers should have aspiration and confidence even if managing students is challenging. And there should be determination and perseverance to become excellent in teaching.

Rule of Silence
New teachers should understand that students grasp knowledge more through listening. Students should be taught about active listening when only one speaks and other just listens. New teachers should explain repeatedly through various methods that active listening will lead to successful learning.

Good teachers are always consistent in their way of teaching. They sets clear rules inside classrooms and will be unrestrained in taking decisions. Students may challenge you but only a teacher with consistency will have respect.

Oral as well as written feedback is essential for developing knowledge among students. Encouraging students to answer questions also comes under feedback. This helps the teachers know what knowledge has been acquired by the students.

Knowing Students
In most schools teachers spend hours with students but the direct conversation between a single student and teacher is limited. A teacher should know about the students individually and this will help in giving attention to them if needed. Information about the students from different sources will also help understand them better.