Filtering of Search Results and the Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Google offers several filtering features within a single search. This can vary from searching content that is published recently or searching for images having a particular color. These search filters can be done both in the case of searches from Desktop and Searches from Mobile. The first thing to have option will be to choose from the type of result obtained through the keyword search query. Images, Videos, News and Maps are generally displayed for most of the keyword search queries. depending upon the relevancy these can vary between other terms. The order of showing the type of results also vary depending upon the type of the keyword being used.

Depending upon the type of query the search tools also vary. For common keywords the country in which the web pages exist and the time during which the web page is published is of utmost importance. In the case of images size, color, type, time and the image license can also be used for filtering purpose. There is also option for searching images by seeing the size of the image over the images. In the case of videos the duration, quality and the time at which it has been uploaded can be filtered using the filtering feature.

the first thing Search Engines watch while using filters is the url which have description about the date in which it is being published and the descriptive terms. Due to this it is essential to have the url of the web page clearly state the necessary details for getting seen while using filters. Second thing will be the Title of the web page and in case the web page is having images or videos that is having importance it can be stated in the title of the page. By proper examination of the SEO factors an expert can make the webpage be made visible even after filtering feature are enabled in the Search Engine Results Page.