Factors Influencing E Learning Experience

E Learning takes Mental Effort
A recent study conducted on the difference of taking notes on mobile and through laptop showed that the former method helped to retain information to memory of listener. While remembering complex concepts taking notes by mobile showed improved recalling ability.  The primary reason for this is that people who takes notes by mobile summarize points and adding sketches also help remember thinks clearly.

E Learning requires Time
The recalling ability for concept based questions are better answered by people who takes notes by mobile than those who copies information on laptop. In the case of developing particular skills that are complex remembering information alone is not sufficient and time will be taken for developing the same. Most learners use information to analyse and while applying into practice which takes considerable time.  Sometimes the work pressure doesn’t allow to think for longer time but experience and practice will compensate to this factor.

E Learning requires Focus
The people who learned more were those who took notes instead of attending all session in one go. Interactions that are helpful in attaining focus to the topic is well conceived into the mind of the learner. E learning helped people to pause in between the course and focus occasionally rather than attending one live session at a time.

E Learning requires Quality Feedback
The amount of quality feedback received during the e learning session is important to improve the next session. An e learning course can only be be meaningful  and well written only upon the reviews and feedback from existing learners.