Effective Ways to Provide Feedback to help Students Learn Easily

Giving feedback to students is a way of explaining whether they are doing things in the right or wrong way. But while giving feedback the real focus should be on the right things. This will increase the productivity of the students in a constructive way. Complimenting Correcting and then again complimenting should be the method to give feedback to students. Giving the feedback at the right time like just after getting results will make the students responding positively and this incident will be making them more confident. If more time is taken for giving the feedback the student will find it difficult to connect the incident which will create a confusion among students.

It is important to consider each student separately while giving feedback. Treating everyone uniformly will not yield results because ceratin students need to be scolded while some students need to be motivated to achieve results. While giving negative feedback it is essential not to hurt the feelings of the students. Quality feed back consists of asking what the student can do, what the student will not be able to do, how is the work done by the student compared with others and how can the student do better tasks. These questions will also help in explaining to parents about the merits and demerits of the students.

If there are no standards to rate the students then it will be difficult in getting and giving feedback. The knowledege of the students should be rated according to standards before giving feedback. Asking questions to students and giving feedback to them to let them know where they stand will motivate the students. Also giving the feedback on a one to one basis will be good as students will be more confident in giving opinions and explanations. This will also help the student in looking forward to the next meeting.

As most students will be aware whether the praise given to them is genuine or not. So when a job is done above a certain level of standard it should be praised and each and every job need not be praised.

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