New Facebook Video Marketing Tips

The number of videos showing up on Facebook has increased in the recent past. More and more people watch videos through Facebook. The autoplay feature of the Facebook video has given many opportunities for the marketing team. The following are some of the tips for optimizing videos for Facebook marketing Purpose.

Videos having inspirational theme usually are liked and shared by more people than marketing emails. It is not essential that you should be a professional video editor to make such videos. Sometimes simple narration accompanied by music can also create stunning effects.

The second kind of videos that creates more attention is educational videos. Through educational videos content that is being useful for the audience is posted as tutorials. Hyperlapse videos and videos giving tips for doing something can be used for these categories

Sometimes informal and entertaining videos also gets huge audience. Behind the scene movies and humorous videos posted in between serious content gets more engagement on Facebook.

Facebook pages also have options of showing featured videos on the page. This can be created to promote an event or promoting a special product on Facebook page, new visitors to the Facebook page usually checks these videos and through this marketers can give more exposure to products and services. There is also option to create playlists on Facebook video tab. The Call to action can also play critical role when text like “Watch Video” is added to the Facebook page. Another feature, which will help in marketing is the Live Video streaming through Facebook Platform.