Effect of New Domain Extensions on Internet Marketing

One of the most important thing to be considered while registering a domain is the domain extensions. This is also known as TLD or Top Level Domain name extension. Several studies that are conducted with respect to internet marketing states that the extensions does not have significant effects on search engine rankings. However there are several advantages of using new domain extensions as part of marketing through internet.

Domain extensions can be chosen with respect to the country which the website has prominant audience. This also gives clue for search engines that the website is concentrating its business to a particular country. It has been found that traditional domain extensions like .com and .org dominate the search engine rankings.

As most of the new domain extensions are very costly compared to the commonly available domain extensions spammy content providers will not be choosing such domains. This can also make the Search Engines like Google to consider specific domains having appropriate domains extensions as a ranking signal in the future.

However as some of the new domain extensions are having keywords which can be seem as spammy can mislead the users. As a matter of fact websites verified by Google through webmaster will be constantly checking for spam related issues websites having better content will rank higher on search engine results page.