Effect of Media Content on Mobile for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Industry has undergone drastic changes in the recent past. There has been several algorithm changes from Search Engines in the previous year. Google and other search engines treat content in the form of Media with utmost importance. Knowing about the trends that were found in 2015 could lead your business grow in the coming years.

Rise of Voice Search
Siri by Apple and Google Now were there in voice search for some time and the introduction of Cortana by Microsoft also boosted the use of voice for searching information over internet. The virtual assistants on new generation smartphones help people search information through the medium of voice. Usage of conversational terms like when where and how will be used more by users for finding the information through Voice Search. This will also be integrated with local search results and media based results.

Rise of Video ContentVideo has risen through Social media sites like Twitter Facebook and YouTube in 2015. This will also rise to one third in the coming years as it can be seen from the predictions. Due to the convenience of video because of its easiness to understand people are using video based answers for complicated queries. Having video content on the website is an easy way to increase the time spent on website. However care should be taken not to show the same video all time when the customers visit the website.

Rise of Social Media Content
With the indexing of social media content in search results Search Engines have at last given importance to social media in 2015. The deal of Twitter and Google has given way to Google showing up tweets on Search Results. Real Time news and social media content are being shown in search Results in 2015.