Different Methods of Assessment among Students

There are different kinds of assessments used for the evaluations of the performance of students at schools and colleges. They are described below.

Through formative assessment method learning of students is monitored during the process of learning through feedback. This feedback is used to identify the areas where students are weak and giving extra care in teaching those students.

Informal Assessment Methods

These are a popular form of assessment method in which the students reflect after attending a course.

Polls and Surveys
These are basically data on the opinion by students and their behaviors which is assessed inside or outside classrooms. These kind of assessment is especially useful in the case of knowing about misconceptions and prior knowledge related to the subject.

Random Checks
These are techniques used in between a course in order to measure the level of understanding of subject. These kind of assessment also creates gap between the lecture which makes to start fresh to the next section of the topic.

Formal Assessment Methods

Class Activities
Certain instructors creates pair or group of students to work together to participate in learning process. During this the instructors can observe and help students in learning better by guiding through the learning process. The extend of participation is measured by the tutor during such events.

Quiz are conducted among students either to assess prior knowledge or in between the learning process. At times as part of games and review generation sessions assessments based on quiz are conducted.

Online Learning Modules
Online Canvas and Whiteboards help students to learn in between the lessons which can be monitored by the faculties remotely. These kind of learning management systems help in the assessment of the ability of students through interactivity.

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