Difference Between Grading and Assessment in Education

Grading is done at educational institutions for evaluating the performance of students individually. Most of the time grades are regarded as the standard for learning but it can be relied every now and then. Certain criteria like attendance and engagement in the class can not be said as the direct measurement of learning.

In the case of assessment the overall goal is to improve the learning process. Grading can play a major role in assessing a student and the whole process of assessment involves certain things that can not be measured directly. The assessment process is more effective because the systematic examination practices for students can be used for improving the existing ones.

Some people believe that grading and assessment are same while others think vice versa. Grades are in fact based on features that are larger than the outcomes of the education process. Most of the time grading is based on Attendance, Involvement,  Betterment and Attempts.  These things can be used as a valuable measure for the outcomes of the education. But these things alone can not be regarded as a measurement of the effectiveness of Education.

There are many kinds of assessments and each of them measures a particular skill or ability and sometimes assessments will have one common goal. Different types of assessment include Examinations, Projects and Assignments. For same subject and same topic examinations and projects can be done and the level of knowledge after learning can be tested through these different methods.