Complete Tumblr Marketing Plan as part of SEO

Tumblr blogs are an effective tool in marketing over internet. It has been found that Tumblr web pages are indexed by Google and other search engines and shows up in search result page. Various SEO Techniques like Keyword Marketing and Social Media Marketing can be done through Tumblr. Compared to other marketing methods the time taken by Tumblr blogs to get indexed are more and this usually keeps SEO Professionals from turning down Tumblr Marketing.

The first step in getting the Tumblr web page indexed is submitting the URL to the Search Engines like Google. This helps the web page to be notified to the Search Engines so that it can crawl and index the content of the web page. The Tumblr username should be search engine friendly and the web page URL also should be having keywords in it. Keywords in the Description and Title can help easily distinguish among the search results. It is also possible to change the Title Description and URL of the web page if it is not being crawled.

All types of content namely Text, Image, Audio and Video can be posted on the micro blogging platform Tumblr. At the time of posting on Tumblr care should be taken while choosing the keywords in order to make the web page relevant in search. Adding Heading Tags through modification of HTML code can also be used as part of the SEO marketing strategy. Alternate Image tags can also be included while uploading images on Tumblr.

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