Collaborative Learning Techniques

Collaborative learning can be used in many contexts such as instructional based, class based or cooperative learning projects. In general collaborative learning involves students working together in groups working towards a common goal.

Think Pair Share Learning Technique
In this method the instructor will be posing questions and asking students for thinking for a period of time. The students will then be discussing about the topic with partners or pairs. In the next step the response of the student can be shared in a much larger group and in the end discussion of the problem in the class as a whole. In this method students will be utilising the opportunity of learning by reflective method.

Three Step Interview
This technique is a team building kind of learning experience. In this method the students forms a pair and one interviews the other. And then switching occurs and the students turns their roles. This pair interviews with a second group. And the four persons discuss with each other about the topic.

Simple Jigsaw
In this learning technique the students are divided into four parts and each set will be given one portion of the topic. Each team masters on the particular topic and discover the matter in detail. After getting through each team will teach other groups about the topic.

Numbered Heads
This learning techniques often involves four members. The teacher will be asking questions which each of the team have to prepare to answer. No one will know which number the teacher will call and all set of students will be preparing to answer the questions thoroughly.

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