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Possibilities of using School Management System for Bullying Incidents

Parents, Teachers and Authoritative Figures are increasingly concerned about the bullying incidents happens at educational institutions. The first step in eliminating such incidents is about creating awareness about the issue. the following are some of the factors that shows that bullying occurs at educational institutions.

  • Changes in behavior and attitude  that can not be explained which will reflect in the academic activities and attendance.
  • Loosing of personal belongings such as lost or destroyed books and stationery.
  • Injuries found on students which they fail to explain.
  • Losing interest in daily activities which affect grades.
  • Changes in Eating and Studying habits
  • spending more time in isolation and withdrawal from activities.
  • Cyber Bullying is also part of these activities. Negative effects of mobile phones should be monitored properly.

School management system or student management system can be effective in such cases to deal with Bullying incidents. If the following things are possible it is possible to reduce the effects upto a certain extend.

  • Anonymous report generation by students and teachers done online
  • Managing Case Studies with respect to interventions occurring.
  • Tracking of repeated offending from a particular student.
  • Finding Hot Spots where bullying occurs through communication by students and teachers.
  • Sending reminders to counselors and teachers to follow up victims.
  • Resolving cases effectively by finding similar situations occurred earlier.

Top Five Social Media Trends

The popularity of Social Media Websites will be dominating in the year 2017 too. The impact of Social Media on our lives are so great that it affects the way we work play and socialize in the virtual world. The following are some of the trends in social media

  1. Live Streaming
    The technologies that helped us to upload videos through mobile devices will giving way to live streaming features introduced by Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the year 2017. The trend of sharing updates through live streaming videos can help business utilizing live events. Live Streaming also helps in building more credibility and trust among the viewers.
  2. Chatbot
    These are artificial intelligence enabled agents helping to communicate through conversations without the presence of humans. Facebook Messenger has recently introduced a chat bot feature which business utilize for various purposes. Chat bots usually help in automating the tasks earlier handled by humans. One of the advantage of chat bots is its availability round the clock without humans intervening in between.
  3. Expiring Content
    Business concerns usually tries various methods to attract customers by giving offers. Expiring content keeps the posts with offers being posted on social media platforms without cluttering and creating noise.  This also helps in getting attention in short period of time.  The expiring content also creates a feeling of urgency to be read among the viewers. Snap Chat and Instagram are trying these features on their platform which will be on rise in 2017.
  4. Consolidation
    As the industries evolve various companies acquire other promising concerns during the course of time. Facebook recently bought Whatsapp and Instagram and Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. As more and more business acquire social media platforms the rules in the social media landscape will also change. Social networking websites struggling in their market will be getting acquired in the year 2017 too.
  5. Organic and Paid Traffic
    In the beginning years it was not hard to keep on top of Social Search if a business have significant likes and considerable followers on Twitter.  People who likes certain Facebook pages are not really following their updates and many users utilize lists on twitter to get updates from important handles. Paid advertising on Social Media platforms has also risen and it is considered as one of the important marketing channel.

Top Online Learning Trends in Higher Education

Institutions delivering online courses are finding it difficult to stay on top due to the growing demand of end users. Every year new requirements are being added to the ever growing list of demands by the users. The following top factors elaborates the trend of Online Learning Trends in Higher Education.

The opportunities that exists for gaming looks promising due to various success factors. The dynamics of gaming while being applied to environments outside the spectrum creates more opportunities.  Incorporation of gaming will be motivating more users into online learning platforms in the coming users. Recollection based factors can be enhanced more through online learning platforms.


Mobile Learning
It has been found through various studies that mobile apps play critical roles in online learning process. As more and more learners are demanding access to online course materials on the go mobile apps comes handy for usage. If more emphasis is not given to mobile learning platforms then there is chance of getting higher competition from new learning service providers. Users also find it convenient to access information regardless of the place and time through mobile devices.

Options to make the Online course more personalized can have advantages in accessing the information in short chunks. Micro learning factors also suggests personalized content for the purpose of learning in the coming years. Highly personalized content which is updated at a rapid phase is also helpful in increasing the engagement to te content.

Corporate Learning
For growing companies training new employees and empowerment is a growing concern. For this purpose Online Courses and Online Training are the best way to make the employees competent in the tasks. As more and more professionals are looking out growth opportunities and personal development corporate training is the best way to get the employees to be always attracted towards the organization.

Progressive Web Apps – The Future of Web Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are special web apps that are a hybrid form of regular web pages and Mobile Apps. Progressive Web Apps utilize the features provided by modern browsers in combination with the benefit of mobile apps. A progressive web app can be viewed as a mobile app which was developed like a website. Modern browsers help to add icon to the home screen add push notifications on updates and browse progressive web apps offline. The lower time needed to develop a website compared to an app is combined with the deployment of mobile app through progressive web apps. Mobile Apps are also having advantages related to speed which is possible by storing of information and files on the mobile device.

The characteristics of Progressive Web Application are as follows.

  • Progressive – As these web apps are built with latest technologies and standards it should work on all browsers.
  • Responsive – The Progressive Web App should fit uniformly on any browsing device like desktop laptop tablet and mobile device.
  • Connectivity – The progressive web apps should work offline as well as when there is low bandwidth.
  • App Like – The navigation structure and the interactions on the web page should be similar to the one found on Apps
  • Freshness and Safety – The progressive web apps should be fresh and safe which is obtained through https connection.
  • Search Engine Friendly – The progressive web apps should be easy to discover by search engines crawlers.
  • Engagement – Through push notification feature the progressive web apps should be easy to be engaged with the user
  • Installation – The progressive web apps should be easy to be added to the home screen without going to app store.
  • Links – These apps should be easy to link each other without much complexity.

These factors make Progressive Web Application as one of the reliable web development method.

Complete Tumblr Marketing Plan as part of SEO

Tumblr blogs are an effective tool in marketing over internet. It has been found that Tumblr web pages are indexed by Google and other search engines and shows up in search result page. Various SEO Techniques like Keyword Marketing and Social Media Marketing can be done through Tumblr. Compared to other marketing methods the time taken by Tumblr blogs to get indexed are more and this usually keeps SEO Professionals from turning down Tumblr Marketing.

The first step in getting the Tumblr web page indexed is submitting the URL to the Search Engines like Google. This helps the web page to be notified to the Search Engines so that it can crawl and index the content of the web page. The Tumblr username should be search engine friendly and the web page URL also should be having keywords in it. Keywords in the Description and Title can help easily distinguish among the search results. It is also possible to change the Title Description and URL of the web page if it is not being crawled.

All types of content namely Text, Image, Audio and Video can be posted on the micro blogging platform Tumblr. At the time of posting on Tumblr care should be taken while choosing the keywords in order to make the web page relevant in search. Adding Heading Tags through modification of HTML code can also be used as part of the SEO marketing strategy. Alternate Image tags can also be included while uploading images on Tumblr.

Top Seven Tips on How To Evaluating Online Training Courses Effectively

Most of the organizations spend considerable time in researching, developing and implementing online training courses. In this effectively evaluating the training program is the most important thing. Only through this evaluation the performance will be boosted justifying the investment.

1. Assessments.
There are different ways to get assessments including quizzes, exams and tests. This can be used to determine individual skills and information about whether the students are absorbing knowledge. This also helps in knowing which areas should be emphasized in the next session and what areas need to be concentrated. If majority of students doesn’t pass through the assessment session then the strategies need to be improved.

2. Tracking the Course
Tracking a particular employees job performance and data related to each training session can be useful in recruiting efficient people in future. It also helps in giving suggestions for improving the progress of the employee. Also what areas in the module of the course offers more friction in learning can be reduced in the curriculum.

3. Surveys and Polls.
This will offer an insight into the strengths and weakness of the online training strategy that is followed. It is better to ask for how the session was just after finishing it to get real time data. This will also give an opportunity to get opinion about the training module.

4. Measurable Goals.
Improving the performance of the employee as well as the improvement in business are the primary concerns for every online training strategy. Because of this it is necessary to track the goals effectively. Along with this what all behaviours do you want to improve can also be tracked.

5. Application of Knowledge
Only when a student applies knowledge the result will be visible and the effectiveness can only be known then. This can be done through evaluation procedures like tests and asking to perform certain tasks.

6. Satisfaction of the Learner
If those who have participated are not satisfied then there will not be any use of the course. Only a student who is satisfied will be be able to participate in next sessions also. This will give an idea of the retention rate of the students participating in the program.

7. Focusing on Groups
While there are several advantages of focusing on groups than individuals the depth of valuable feedback will vary accordingly. Also general opinions about the training course can easily obtained through feedback process.

Along with these motivating the students is also important in the case of successful training session.

Merits and Advantages of by Microsoft Corporation

As the demand in market grow for building dynamic web pages and web applications Microsoft Corporation created Being part of the .net framework ASP is used for creating web page feature rich websites and web based applications. Dot Net framework offers various possibilities of using with J#, C#, VB apart from ASP. Web developers usually creates powerful applications using Visual Studio  which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. The web server which is used to host ASP based websites will be running on Windows.

In early days web pages were of static nature and content of the web pages need to be updated frequently. This lead to the development in web technology to dynamically update web pages. Active Server Pages which is popularly known as ASP runs on the server which dynamically generates web pages which can be made available through browsers.

The major advantages of are as follows

  • have built in Windows authentication which is configured for each application which keeps data in secured stage.
  •  The line of code needed for developing through is less for large applications.
  • The code in and HTML works combinely for generating dynamic web pages.
  • As the code runs on windows server before displaying on browser is an ideal server side scripting technology.
  • Deploying is easy beacuse of the configuration information that is bult in with the system.
  • It is easy to monitor the web pages and other components through windows web server.
  • Any kind of abnormal and illegal behaviors are terminated instantly and restarts after that.
  • High performance features like binding compilation and caching is possible with
  • For handling requests, all applications are monitored and managed efficiently using
From building a custom web application to a small website, Microsoft offers several features which are unique and easy for developers to use.

All You need to Know about the working of DNS

The Domain Name System or DNS is the main part of internet which matches the domain name to the IP Address on which the website is hosted. This is done because it is not easy to remember the IP address. DNS also provides information about the domain names which commonly include Email Services. Without DNS the user will only be able to visit the visit through the IP address.

How does DNS Work

  1. The client enters the domain name in the address bar of the browser. The client computer first checks its own DNS cache for this information. If Cache has been cleared or using the website for the first time it will not show the IP
  2. The query from the client computer is then redirected to the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) DNS Server. The Internet Service Provider’s DNS server checks its own cache and it will not be there if accessed the domain name for the first time.
  3. The Internet Service Provider’s DNS server redirect the query to the Root DNS Server. Every DNS server will be having a file which contains a list of all the root DNS servers.
  4. The root DNS server keeps the information regarding top level DNS servers (.com .net .org etc) location and return the information to the Internet Service Provider’s DNS server.
  5. This will be further redirected to the Top Level DNS server (Nameserver). Each TLD (Top Level Domain .com .net .org etc) will be having its own name servers.
  6. The Top Level DNS server will be having information (DNS Record) about the IP for the domain name and this information will be returned to the Internet Service Provider’s DNS server. Usually the A Name record (Address Record) will be having an Expiration value which directs to seek after the time.
  7. The Internet Service Provider’s DNS server redirects the query to the actual DNS server for domain.
  8. The DNS server for returns the IP address of the host of to the Internet Service Provider’s DNS server.
  9. Then the ISP’s DNS server sends the IP address to the client computer to access the website at

This whole process of working related to DNS happens in Milliseconds for completion.

ISP Blocking of Website
Just because a user is connected to internet does not mean that he have access to everything available over internet. Sometimes Internet Service providers block access to certain websites. Usually potentially illegal content are blocked. Web pages asking for user information without Privacy controls can also lead to blocking by ISP.

In such cases it can be accessed using the IP address of the website. This IP can be obtained by typing “tracert” in the Command Window (Usually the First IP visible). Using proxy servers such websites can be accessed to see whether the ISP has blocked the website.

Clear Cache
The DNS cache keeps a record of sites that you have recently visited on your computer. If that gets corrupted, you may have issues opening sites that were previously accessible without problems. If an unreachable website is in the cache, type ipconfig /flushdns in Run Command Box to clear the cache. In most cases the website will be visible after this.

Anti Virus and Firewall
Sometimes installing an External Firewall or Antivirus can block certain websites and disabling them and browsing can show up the website.

New Facebook Feature to Generate Engagement

There is a recent shift of consumers from Desktop to Mobile Phones due to the many functions available on the devices. Even though it is easy to generate web presence online business organizations are finding it difficult to get more leads. Facebook has recently introduced certain features which enable business to get more engagement from consumers in an easy way.

Some time ago Facebook has introduced Call to Action buttons on Pages in order to help customers take quick actions. However after clicking the Cal to Action button some of the web pages being displayed are not user friendly which makes it difficult for the user. The new feature introduced by Facebook helps to Schedule Meetings, Order Products from the Facebook Page. The number of reviews of the page also helps in creating a great first impression for new customers.

The new feature by Facebook Page allows to Get Phone Calls through a “Call Now” button on th bottom of the post,  Get Messages through “Send Message” button and Create an Offer through “Get Offer” button directly fro the Facebook Page. Scheduling an Appointment is also possible through the new Facebook feature. Friends on Facebook can also recommend leads directly through this new Facebook Page Feature.