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Advantages of Digital Education

There are several reasons why digital education is different from conventional education and can be better utilized. The top ten advantages of digital education are described below.

1. Student Engagement
Keeping students motivated through content that is engaging is possible through digital education method. Promoting related content to the students, understanding the learner’s knowledge level and self expression are the primary factors concerning student engagement.

2. Time for Learning
In conventional education system managing time is a difficult process. Social, Family and Work commitments can there as hinderance in such a situation. Digital education allows flexibility in choosing the convenient time for learning.

3. Location for Learning
Studying in a private and quiet place can increase the level of concentration upto certain extend. Such a choice can only be made through digital education method. Digital education can be done anywhere and any time.

4. Pace for Learning
Every student learn in different ways and different pace. In conventional learning method a common pace will be there which need to be adhered during the curriculum. In the case of digital education the course can be completed at any speed.

5. Individual Education
In the case of digital education personalized learning is possible which are formulated for different learning needs and interests. In the case of conventional education one common module is utilized for teaching all students.

6. Content
Gathering of information and presentation in a meaningful manner can be done in digital education. Reading, writing, speaking and listening methods are emphasised for conveying the content to students through rich applications. Learning subjects deeply through reference is also possible in the case of digital education.

7. Sharing
Every year more people are coming into social media and content being shared across social networking platforms increase daily. In digital learning it is much easier to share articles among fellow students. Also it is convenient for tutors to show examples through sharing media. Conventional media publishing takes time for publishing.

8. Feedback
In the case of conventional education commonly feedback is taken at the end of the year whereas in the case of digital education the feedback can be obtained immediately after the session. This can be of great help because teaching can be improved and refined rectifying the errors caused.

9. Options
There are various options available for the same course like choosing electives and doing specializations. In the case of most courses available through digital media options varies while in the case of conventional education system options are limited to syllabus.

10. Parental Control
As more parents are involved in the digital education system because there will be more transparency involved. The feedback from parents also can be utilized in improving personalized learning experience.

Top Trends in education

Preparing students for the new era and getting updated with latest technologies is forecasted in major trends in Education. The following are the top trends in education

Web Based Tools
The online tools that are web based saves a lot of time and effort in day to day activities. These include mostly sharing and collaborating applications. Some others include organization and planning tools are also helpful in education.

Online Educational Resources
There are many online educational resources which give personal learning experience. Most of them include video lectures, tutorials as text and many of them are interactive also.

Digital Literacy
The knowledge and skills required to use digital devices like smart phones, tablets and desktops are called digital literacy. Earlier digital literacy was focused more on desktop devices but nowadays it has come to various other devices also.

Personal Learning Networks
Personal learning networks are often informal network where people interact with each other in a more constructive way. The mutually benefiting personal learning networks increases the knowledge of the person to a great extend.

Blended Learning
This is a formal education method through which students learn in parts which can be controlled with various factors like time of learning, speed of learning and place of learning.

Social Media in Education
Apart from making and keeping friendship social media can be used in various ways to educate and learn people. In future the learning through social media will increase and as youth are in social media it is easy to convey messages to them easily.

Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Learning Strategy

There are several disadvantages of Mobiles in daily use. But the advantages of having mobile in education sector have more advantages than disadvantages. The following are some of the major advantages of Mobiles in Education.

As the screen size of the mobile devices are small and the courses can be accessed through shorter modules it is easy to create short lessons on specific topic. This eventually helps the reader to retain the information in their brain. Learning through mobile helps to gather information as short bit sized chunks which is easy to remember.


As most of the users of mobile phones use it as a tool for gaming the method of game based learning is highly effective. Trainings given as short game based learning modules can help the employees learn better during their free hours.

More personalised learning experience can be given as part of Mobile Learning. Some learners prefer reading while some learners like to watch videos. Through these type of customizations it is possible to give Personalized Learning Experience.

Mobile learning gives the opportunity to continue learning even when offline. It can also be browsed outside the office and on the go. Reference can also be made about the content if internet connection is available.

School Management System Software Advantages for Administration Department

Modern schools are undergoing various changes and does not offer education alone. There are several activities like the admission process, placement process, financial management process, managing libraries, managing hostels and other miscellaneous operations. If there are several departments and the number of students and teachers is very high then it will be difficult to control the processes. Due to these ERP solutions are being implemented in various Schools. The following are some of the advantages of school Management system software as far as administrative departments are concerned.

  • Monitoring of performance of Individual Modules is possible through School Management System which removes the error that may occur during conventional administration methods
  • Report generation through Automated process which allows monitoring of end time for each process.
  • Centralization of data into  servers having security and making the access of data trouble free.
  • Accessing Data depending upon the profile of the user is possible through School Management System
  • Interface of the School Management System is user friendly and not much IT skills are required to operate it.

Benefits and Advantage of School ERP in Education

Benefits and Advantage of School ERP in Education
It is a well known fact that ERP have many advantages in Education Sector. A well built ERP solution exclusively built for education industry will not only save money but also improve the efficiency in operations.  An ERP system that is made for schools and colleges will definitely change the day to day works of everyone which will yield many benefits in the long run. Continue reading “Benefits and Advantage of School ERP in Education”

How School Management System reduces the Communication Gap between Parents and Teachers

It is a major problem both teachers and parents tell is that the other party do not communicate or communicate too much.  Keeping the channels of communication open between teachers and parents is eventually helping the students.  Proper communication ate the right time is a fundamental aspect in keeping good relation between teachers and parents. The major factors that are related to traditional communication in schools and colleges are as follows.

  • Indirect Communication
  • Miscommunication
  • Delays in Communication
  • Insufficient communication related to the Students

Even Though some schools tell that the communication from parents is becoming interference to the policies of the school it is a fact that if specific boundaries are kept between the communication it will be effective. Most of the times it is the fear of the unknown that makes the communication between parents and teachers leading to communication gap. Being flexible and adapt to the situations is one solution for overcoming the communication gap.

School Management System helps in bridging the communication gap between parents and schools in the following ways.

  • The latest information regarding news at School, Homeworks, Assignments, Examinations and Results can be known quickly.
  • Receive information in different electronic formats like Messages Emails and Phone Calls
  • It is possible to contact with each other almost realtime using School Management Software
  • Paperworks and writing and keeping of records can be reduced.
  • It is easy to track record of the activities of the students which the parents also can monitor.

The implementation of School Management System Software is the best way to reduce communication Gap between parents and teachers which will help the student in many ways.

Tips on How to Make E Learning Interactive

An E learning course can be said interactive if the learners and the tools used for e learning are engaged in a positive way. The level of interactivity is an essential element in any e learning course. There are many types of interactivity methods like multiple choice questions, learning tests, virtual simulations and animation videos which will give learners a deeper understanding of the subject. Depending upon the level of interactivity an e learning course can be classified as four.

 E Learning Interactivity Levels

  • Passive Interactivity Level – There will not be any interaction in this type of e learning. In this type of learning learners do not interact with resources like images and graphics or videos and audio.
  • Limited Interactivity Level – There will be limited interaction in this type of e learning. Learners are having some level of interactivity in this type of learning. Menu that can be clicked and drag and drop interactions including animation type videos will be present in such kind of learning.
  • Moderate Interactivity Level – There will be moderate level of interaction in this type of learning. Customized Audio and Video along with stories and real time case studies will be included in such kind of learning.
  • Full Interactivity level – The learners will be fully immersed in the e learning program. Interactive games, customized videos and audio and avatars will be present such kind of learning.

The real goal of any E learning course will be to engage the learners to get results. Developing high quality e learning is not enough to create interactivity. Engaging and motivating the audience by increasing the attention is kept in mind while designing e learning courses.

The features of some e learning materials gives the opportunity to replicate real world scenarios to make the learners participate and interact during the course. Through experimenting learners can test to know what will succeed and what will fail during real life situations. These course which doesn’t involve risks and is not judged by any other is helpful for people to face the real time challenges. For example when the learners are asked to answer questions they will stop for thinking in their own way to understand subjects better. The results of such tests will depend upon the feedback and knowledge level attained through learning.

When the learners have more control over the course which is interactive there will be much engagement for them throughout the course. Interactive learning increases creativity as well as curiosity among learners. Multimedia experience and interactivity based on that creates a compelling course content. This kind of learning also increases the retention of information into memory. As incorporation of multimedia experience into learners increase the fun level better motivation is possible.

Benefits of Leave Management System in School ERP Software

The leave application procedure is a tedious process which requires the teachers to submit the leave application, make necessary alternatives in the time table and sanctioning of the leave. This has to be done on every day whenever there is a leave. The leave history also need to be verified and availability of leave also need to be informed to the concerned departments. By implementing the Leave Management System through the School ERP solution the whole process becomes faster and simpler. Granting a leave or denying a leave will be easy and better transparency can be ensured in the case of the leave policy within a school. The following are some of the benefits in implementing Leave Management System.

Accurate Information
By looking at the leave management system the administrator can view the number of leaves taken by an employee and the balance leaves remaining almost real time. This makes the process of verifying previous leaves through various records and calculating the leaves simpler. It is also possible to integrate the leave management system with payroll management software and payslips can easily generated.

As the details regarding can be accessed by multiple persons transparency can be maintained regarding the leaves. The history of leaves taken and the remaining leaves can also be calculated by various departments.

Leave Policy
The maximum number of leaves allowed for teachers and non teaching staff, maintenance of holiday calendar etc can be verified. Any other details regarding taking leave also can be used inside the leave policy manual.

It is possible to cross check whether any teacher will be available on a particular day with leave management module inside the school ERP software. Tasks that are critical be completed by knowing about the leave schedule in advance.

The leave management system helps in sorting out the difference between local labor laws and leave management. Providing access to the leave information can improve the discipline within the school. rule over the complicated old management systems.

The Advantages of Merit Based Pay for Teachers

Tutors in every educational institution dream of a career with merit based payment system. This is due to the fact that merit based payment system are advantageous for both employees and employers. The following are some of the advantages of merit based payment system among teachers.

Motivational Factor
the main advantage of merit based payment system is the factor contributing to the motivation of teachers to perform better among the peer. Teachers who need more salary will work harder and perform well to get more merits and increase salaries. Recognizing the talents of the tutors also helps to boost the self confidence level.

Differentiating Factor
Merit based payment system among teachers will differentiate between a teacher performing well and a teacher performing poor. This will create a competitive spirit and all the teachers will be working hard to earn more merits. This can also help the management to point out the advantages of the top performing employees in helping out the poor performing employees.

Confidence Factor
Paying teachers based on the merit based system helps them in calculating their value in the group. This can help in increasing the self motivation factor and teachers with high confidence can be chosen for long term prospectus of the institution.

Salary based Factor
merit based payment system among teachers helps the employer to pay only for the effort a teacher is taking inside the educational organization.  In some cases where all employees are paid  uniformly by providing bonus as well creates the budget of the educational institution at stake.

How School Management System Helps in Keeping Information collected from Students Confidential

Every school collects information about students for various purposes. However it is important for parents and management of the school to know how these information are being utilized for various purposes. School Management System Software helps in protecting the data collected from students in a safe way. This helps in providing support for the school administration about giving answers before being asked. School Management System also gives assurance to the parents about the confidentiality of information being kept.

School Management System helps in explaining what information are being collected from students and why is it needed for the overall improvement of the character of students. How these data is being utilized for analysing the skills and traits of students and how the software is protecting the information without reaching at the wrong hands.  It is also essential to inform parents whether the data collected is given to any third parties. It is also easy for parents to contact the concerned persons through School Management System regarding complaints.

School Management System keeps the communication between teachers parents students and administrative wing of educational institutions. It is also possible to review the concerns raised by parents and teachers in an timely and effective way through school management system software.

Normally Schools collect data for analysing the skills of the students and knowing about the talents of the students. School Management Software helps in eliminating the doubts arising in the mind of parents through policies and manuals.


Top 5 Best Educational Websites for Teachers

Today’s student live up in a digital age and they love computer based activities. It is also essential for teachers for getting updated as well as keeping students interested with various internet related resources. Without internet teaching will be more hard because certain websites simplify planning and keep students engaged with latest examples.

Twitter has become one of the primary tool for education. Following hash tags which give education related tweets include #Education #EDChat #EDTech #College etc. Following experts, connecting with teachers across the world, searching local as well as global trends in learning, re tweeting useful links for students on twitter etc are some of the uses teachers can find on Twitter
This website contains enormous information about assessment and learning, common educational terminology, community involvement, decision making, professional development, school discipline, issues on education etc. Teachers can utilize these articles for making teaching a memorable experience.

The youtube channel for teachers was created for making classrooms more engaging and helping teachers inspire more students. Organizations such as TEDEd, PBS and Khan Academy offers various videos which can be free through youtube. Also tutorials and tips related to any subject is available in video format which can be used for teaching students.

Flip board offers searching for a topic and finding it from the huge collection which can be read on any device. It also have the facility to follow trends and magazines which can be referred about latest trends. If + is added then it can be combined into the form of a magazine curated for students to view. Sharing with other platforms is also possible with flipboard.

Scholastic offers various resources and tools like planning calendar, daily starters, printables, videos, freebies and shopping etc. It also have articles on strategies and ideas exclusively for teachers from videos and featured professional bloggers. Various student activities can be planned with this website on month wise and topic wise. Also scholastic have books from various authors and podcasts available for viewing.

The Role and Importance of Alumni in Education

An Alumni association is a community formed by former students of a university or college. Alumni association sometimes organize events inside or outside campus, publish newsletters periodically, publish magazines and sometimes raise fund for an organization. Alumni associations help students to connect with the educational institution.
There are a variety of the services offered by Alumni Association outside Campus. Sometimes career development programs which include the sharing of experience old students have in the institutions are done. This also includes mentoring programs for existing students. Some alumni helps students by providing internship and externship opportunities as well as job placement programs.  General social networking events in social media like facebook and linkedin are also organized by aluminis.

Homecoming events are organized for alumni people by existing students to gain exposure to various things. Training sessions as well as orientation programs are conducted inside the campus with the help of alumni during academic  year.

The advantages of having Alumni are as follows
Mostly Alumni people are an educational institution’s most loyal supporters.
Fund raising events are often conducted at educational institutes with the help of alumni and their professional networks.
An educational institution can benefit from Alumni from their skills and experience.
Practical support for students can be offered by well placed alumni people to start careers.
As alumni people are located around the globe the exposure of the institution can be done in an international context.


$6.6 billion on IT to be spent by U.S. Higher Education Institutions in 2016

According to  IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, U.S. Higher Education Institutions are expected to Spend $6.6 billion on IT in the year 2016. Much of this spending will be on enterprising networks and higher end notebook computers. The Pivot Table: U.S. Education IT Spending Guide gives an insight into the opportunities for IT in US Education sector across various education levels and functionality areas.

It is being found by the study that about 89 million students are being enrolled into education sector every year. This include full time, part time or continuing education sectors. Among the cities in US California leads while Texas and New York comes behind it on second and third places respectively.

The K12 Schools in US will spend about $4.7 billion in applications and PC Upgrades. Over $522 million will be spend on tablets for educational purposes.

It is being said by Shawn McCarthy, Research Director, IDC Government Insights that the growth in IT at educational institutions is boosted by the economy which is recovering slowly. There was a drop in PC sales last year and that might be because of the increase in number of people buying tablets added him.

Need of ERP in Education Institution Sector

Education is among one of the prime industries contributing to building the nation but the commercial value is not appreciated much. When one compare the education industry with software industry or automotive industry the figure will be much higher for education sector. Education industry is among the fastest growing industries in the world. Due to this the need for implementing ERP in education is worth an Analysis for the trends to come.

Since his teenage decades he’s been earning a living for a recording artist really flourishing career. Composing documents are really a vital part materials subjects in school academics. Decent writing skills will create a variation in that young person’s capability to succeed in school and in the work marketplace. Through this sort of article composing tasks, pupils might understand various concepts by acquiring in their essentials.

Write 3 reasons you’d offer that professional writer service. 1 frequent error a large number of individuals do while composing it, is creating an overall statement about what they are actually going to write within the essay. Such loopholes may finally become a fantastic topic for satire. Write a reply to that query.

Composing on such topics should end up being a great exercise for the thoughts and thoughts. Maybe It does not be achievable to center on essay composing as a result of deficiency of moment. This is the reason it is usually crucial to have comprehensive study and correct facts on each subject which you are creating or talking about. Get aid by signifies of your authorship.

With the increased growth in this sector educational institutions are going through complex operations. Education alone is not the function of these industry. The activities done at Educational institutions involve complicated processes which are difficult to manage. The sophisticated activities involving internally and externally can be by utilizing an effective ERP system.

Empowering Students for Success

Different students have different visions,  intentions, beliefs, expectations and ambitions. Students can be empowered to advance in learning and succeeding in life. The following are different ways to Empower students.

Giving Students through Social Media
It is common for students to give complaints about teachers. It is intensified through social media Media can also be used to gain writemyessay advantage over such situations. Video conferencing applications and chat forums also can be used to motivate students. Setting up a forum for constructive feedback through different social media is a way to empower students. Continue reading “Empowering Students for Success”