Best SEO Practices associated with Multilingual and Multi Regional Websites

The first thing while doing SEO for an international business is offering content in different language. Hosting multiple websites with same content and different language is a critical factor in Search Engine Optimization. Before going to the technical details it is essential to know the difference between a multilingual website and a multi regional website.

A multilingual website offers content in more than one language while the multi region website targets different locations around the globe. The biggest task while doing multi language website is the process of translation which takes considerable time. Using Google translation alone for the translation might cause problems if not verified thoroughly.

The first step in making a website multi region or multi lingual is doing proper research about the locations for which the website is targeting. Google Adword keyword Planner and other tools must be used for doing research about the location and finding out the search volume associated with a particular keyword.

The next step will be redirecting each domain based on the location from which it is searched to the appropriate web pages. Using specific SEO meta tags also essential for proper display of items in search engine results page. While specifying the language meta tag it should be clearly kept in mind whether a specific location or a specific interest people are being targeted.

The URL of the targeting web page also need to help the users to identify the language being used. This should align with the best practices associated with search engine optimization strategies for urls. While naming the urls consistency is to be maintained for making it more user friendly.

The location of hosting the website is also of importance since the web page request being sent to the server response time and data being downloaded takes time which could possibly affect the loading time of the websites.

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