Benefits of switching to cloud computing from VPS

“Technology never rests, it’s always eager to find something better.”

Development of the concept of cloud computing is a fine example in this context.

Cloud computing promotes productivity by optimizing IT resources. It’s not a pie in the sky, rather it is here to “stay.” But what brings in the role of cloud computing or how is it different from Virtual private servers or dedicated servers, and why to shift to cloud is still a talking point. Instead of leaving you to sleep on this topic, we will guide you about the benefits of switching to cloud computing from VPS.

Virtual private servers:

Virtual Private server is a blend of dedicated and shared hosting servers. It can be better understood as “virtual machine” that caters to the requirement of an individual user just like the dedicated server, but like shared, it is installed on a single physical server with limited users.

Cloud computing delivers on-demand resources used for computing, starting from applications to data centers over the internet with a pay-as-you-go model. The term common between cloud hosting and VPS is “Virtualization.”

Cloud server and VPS work on the virtualization concept and use resources from one hypervisor. But still there are some differences in their operation:

  • Cloud servers pool resources of multiple machines while VPS works on single physical server.
  • Cloud VMs have greater reliability as compared to VPS.
  • Security of data and backup plans of Cloud servers are more efficient.
  • Cloud assures zero downtime as nodes take over each other in case of any failure, unlike VPS, where one machine down means downtime.

Switching to cloud from VPS:

According to a survey by Rightscale, “17 percent of enterprises now have more than 1,000 VMs in public cloud, up from 13 percent in 2015.”

Many of us enjoy bicycle rides more than bikes, but if you have to reach somewhere on time, you won’t risk choosing bicycle. Thus, our choice depends upon our necessity.

The speed, availability, accessibility and most importantly, flexibility required by growing businesses, needs a ready solution in the form of Cloud computing. More than earning customers, it’s important to create an experience that drive customer loyalty. Cloud offers such automated solutions to enhance customer management, something that is not found in VPS.

Major benefits of Cloud computing over VPS are:

  1. Continuity of Business

Cloud’s automatic failover mechanism ensures continuity of your business even during network failures, or any other hindrances. If your cloud runs into any issue, it will automatically start in another node without disturbing the workflow.

  1. Scalability

Virtual private servers do not give you the freedom to expand in case of increased loads as they come with limited resources and scalability. But cloud servers provide you the benefit of upscaling.

  1. Price:

Who doesn’t like saving? With cloud’s pay-as-you-go system you need to pay only for what you consume, better than a fixed monthly expense as in VPS.

  1. Performance:

Cloud works upon the model of distributive architecture, and hence offers par excellence speed and reliability.

  1. Accessibility

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”- Paul Marity.

Professionals these days hardly prefer a single desktop, they work on smartphones, tablets, or laptops as they come handy. Cloud is a blessing for them, as it allows accessibility from anywhere as and when required.

Summing up:

“Cost, scalability and agility have made cloud computing strategic to business success”. – Dan Phillips, CEO and Co-Founder, Cloud Health Technologies.

Switching to cloud computing can be strategic move for your business. But don’t take this decision merely because everyone else is doing. Rather, identify your business needs, and see how embracing cloud can not only reduce your IT cost but also help you focus on your business.