Advantages of Digital Education

There are several reasons why digital education is different from conventional education and can be better utilized. The top ten advantages of digital education are described below.

1. Student Engagement
Keeping students motivated through content that is engaging is possible through digital education method. Promoting related content to the students, understanding the learner’s knowledge level and self expression are the primary factors concerning student engagement.

2. Time for Learning
In conventional education system managing time is a difficult process. Social, Family and Work commitments can there as hinderance in such a situation. Digital education allows flexibility in choosing the convenient time for learning.

3. Location for Learning
Studying in a private and quiet place can increase the level of concentration upto certain extend. Such a choice can only be made through digital education method. Digital education can be done anywhere and any time.

4. Pace for Learning
Every student learn in different ways and different pace. In conventional learning method a common pace will be there which need to be adhered during the curriculum. In the case of digital education the course can be completed at any speed.

5. Individual Education
In the case of digital education personalized learning is possible which are formulated for different learning needs and interests. In the case of conventional education one common module is utilized for teaching all students.

6. Content
Gathering of information and presentation in a meaningful manner can be done in digital education. Reading, writing, speaking and listening methods are emphasised for conveying the content to students through rich applications. Learning subjects deeply through reference is also possible in the case of digital education.

7. Sharing
Every year more people are coming into social media and content being shared across social networking platforms increase daily. In digital learning it is much easier to share articles among fellow students. Also it is convenient for tutors to show examples through sharing media. Conventional media publishing takes time for publishing.

8. Feedback
In the case of conventional education commonly feedback is taken at the end of the year whereas in the case of digital education the feedback can be obtained immediately after the session. This can be of great help because teaching can be improved and refined rectifying the errors caused.

9. Options
There are various options available for the same course like choosing electives and doing specializations. In the case of most courses available through digital media options varies while in the case of conventional education system options are limited to syllabus.

10. Parental Control
As more parents are involved in the digital education system because there will be more transparency involved. The feedback from parents also can be utilized in improving personalized learning experience.

Top Trends in education

Preparing students for the new era and getting updated with latest technologies is forecasted in major trends in Education. The following are the top trends in education

Web Based Tools
The online tools that are web based saves a lot of time and effort in day to day activities. These include mostly sharing and collaborating applications. Some others include organization and planning tools are also helpful in education.

Online Educational Resources
There are many online educational resources which give personal learning experience. Most of them include video lectures, tutorials as text and many of them are interactive also.

Digital Literacy
The knowledge and skills required to use digital devices like smart phones, tablets and desktops are called digital literacy. Earlier digital literacy was focused more on desktop devices but nowadays it has come to various other devices also.

Personal Learning Networks
Personal learning networks are often informal network where people interact with each other in a more constructive way. The mutually benefiting personal learning networks increases the knowledge of the person to a great extend.

Blended Learning
This is a formal education method through which students learn in parts which can be controlled with various factors like time of learning, speed of learning and place of learning.

Social Media in Education
Apart from making and keeping friendship social media can be used in various ways to educate and learn people. In future the learning through social media will increase and as youth are in social media it is easy to convey messages to them easily.

Why Social Media will be Important for Marketing

These days majority of companies used Social Media as part of their digital marketing campaigns. Small and Medium business find it extremely useful to market product through Social Media. As online marketing is one of the important channel, it is very clear that many more companies will soon increase their investment in Social Media Marketing for growth of the business.

One of the primary advantages Social media offers is the cost factor which small business organizations find it useful. With minimum amount of money maximum amount of people can be reached through social media. This can be done quickly for generating leads to the business.

Social Media is an excellent medium for building brand. Majority of people would like to connect with the brands they use on social media. While making a decision about purchasing an item people prefer social media and it has also been found that people can be easily influenced by the purchasing done by their friends on social media.

Majority of population are now on social media and it is easy to acquire the customers through various social media platforms. The rate at which people are signing into social media is increasing on a daily basis.

Customers find it easy to interact with companies through social media and this also helps in choosing the company for doing business. Questions can be asked about products and services through social media platforms easily and doubts can be cleared easily through brand pages on social media.

Facebook Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

Facebook is one of the most successful Social Media marketing Platform. Even though most of the people use Facebook for chatting with friends and sharing content in the form of images and videos, there are several advantages for using Facebook for Business Purpose. It is also possible to get leads from Facebook through Social Media marketing Strategies. The following are some of the Facebook marketing Tips and Tricks for Business.

  1. By adding Facebook Button Link on the Website and Blog existing traffic can be leveraged to the Facebook Page.
  2. While sending Email marketing campaigns if Facebook Page Link is attached as Signature visits to the Facebook page will increase.
  3. Through Analysis of Previous posts on Facebook Best days and Best Time to Post content can be found out.
  4. Creating Scheduled Posts for occasions and events in advance can save time and increase visits.
  5. Using Facebook Plugins on the Websites in the form of Widgets can increase the exposure of Facebook Page.
  6. Using Facebook Advertisements can help in acquiring targeted audience to like the Facebook Page or Like and Share the Facebook Post. It is also possible to claim offers through Facebook Advertising.
  7. Creating Facebook contests will make the Facebook posts more engaging and freebies can be given away through Facebook Contests.
  8. Using @ in Facebook Posts to mention fans can create a feeling of importance which will prompt them to like the Facebook post.
  9. Creating Call to Action on the Facebook page like going to Contact Us page of the website can be used for Facebook Marketing.
  10. Integrating Social Media Sharing buttons on the website can help people share the pages and blog posts on Facebook.
  11. Using Images and Videos in Facebook Posts can increase the visibility and engagement of the Posts.
  12. Joining Facebook Groups can give exposure to more people who may be invited to like the Facebook Page.

Three Important Social Media Trends

If the number of social media websites available on internet was less it would have been easy for digital marketers to promote goods and services. Also the audience that use social media have diverse choice and are scattered across several social media platforms. Majority of brands find it difficult to be updated with the latest trends among social media.

The following are some of the major trends:

Social Media Commerce
Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has added several features for doing e-commerce through their platforms. Through signing up using social media platforms also it is easy to make purchase of goods and avail services. Facebook gives the option to run Offers on its platform for claiming discounts and offers. The Buy button has also available for Twitter which is more easy for companies selling individual products.

Social Media Advertising
Advertising through social media will increase as more and more people are signing up into them. Advertising which is integrated into social media platforms will be on rise in the coming year. Advertising through Apps will have more advantage over conventional ads. More relevant advertisement can be shown through social media based on the content being posted on them.

Mobile Revolution
The buzz word in promotion of social media is push notification and in app product recommendations. majority of Social Media platforms are improving their user experience. Facebook has even launched an App exclusively meant for slow connections. Geo targeting customers is also possible through Mobile Phones and this opportunity has been utilized by social media platforms as well.

How to Increase Brand Awareness through Social Media

Most of the business are already using Social Media Websites to market their products and services over internet. Increasing awareness about the brand is one of the top advantages of using Social Media as part of digital marketing. This is due to the fact that majority of population is using various kind of Social media platforms for connecting with their peer.

1. One of the main advantage for marketing over social media is the humanized version of brand. It is easy to connect with people as brands and communication between brand and people are more effective through social media. There are millions of companies available on social media which can be followed and what makes a brand stand out is the key element in the success of the brand.

2. When used effectively Social Media can be an excellent tool for increasing the traffic to a landing page of a website. Compared to paid advertising like Google Adwords social media traffic is cheaper and more effective. Through proper promotion of products and services through social media considerable traffic can be generated to the website.

3. Social Media platforms are also effective in understanding about how people react to brand. What people are saying about a particular brand can be easily seen through social media. This can also be utilized in dealing with customer related services. It is also essential to focus on less number of social media platforms as concentrating on more social media websites can become a problem in content creation for the company.

Importance of Location based Search on Google

Google has recently updated their search quality rating guidelines which gives emphasis to location based search and user intend. This is because all the searches performed on Google are dependent on the location and language from which the search is being performed. The same keywords will have different meanings in different locations. It is also the same case on different contest.

People searching from different locations with different intentions want to have different kind of search result to be displayed. Search engines calculate the search locations and the intent behind the search before showing up the results. The nature of search results also depend upon what the user want to see based upon the web history.

However certain kind of searches does not change the way results are displayed because users from different locations want the same kind of result. In such cases Google and other search engines displays the same kind of result. In certain cases people in one country might be looking for result related to that specific location. Events and festivals are such type of search queries.

How to use Demographics in Search Engine Optimization

The main goal of Search Engine Optimization is to generate leads for products and services. If a product or service is shown to customers who is not interested will create negative effects. At the same time if the products or services is shown to the right customers then chances of getting more leads can be assured. Finding out the right customers involves study of the demographic data.

The location of the customers are of primary importance for lead generation. Through careful analysis of the Analytics data SEO strategies can be developed for finding out the right area to be targeted.

There are various statistical agencies which provide data about the income level of various age groups. Combining this with the amount of visits through Google Analytics can be used for finding out what price to be set up for the products. it is also possible to find out what products should be marketed to a specific income group.

For achieving full potential of the SEO factors it is essential to carefully analyze the age related factors. Only the targeted age group will be interested in a specific type of product. Based upon the taste of the age group it is possible to do the social media promotion and other related activities effectively.

Based upon the demographical factors like age and income the devices which are used to browse the internet also varies. This is also important as which products can be marketed through mobile devices and what product can be marketed through desktops.

Three Tips for Students in Reaching Goals during Examination Time

Preparing for examinations is a headache for most students and the following tips may help to prepare for examinations.

Understanding Subject
There are several method to help you know the subject in detail.  Sometimes the teachers will explain it to you, sometimes reading text books will help you and for some studying with friends is easier. As far as writing in examinations are concerned converting the matter that is understood to the answer paper is critical. Without proper understanding it will be difficult to convey the matter to others.

Asking Questions
It is vital to ask questions about what is being learnt and this depending on the concepts involved inside the subject. Asking questions to tutors, teachers and educators will be helpful in clearing the doubt that may arise during the learning process.

Testing the Knowledge
It will be good to conduct quizzes about things that have already learned. This will also be helpful in practicing for the examinations. The actual time taken during examinations can be calculated and how fastly you have to write can be judged during such mock tests.


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Five Important Stages in Social Media Marketing Process

Social Media marketing requires a great deal of planning for attaining success. Following are the various stages in Social Media Marketing Process.

  1. Social Media Profiles
    Social Media Profile is one of the first elements that a prospective customer will visit while doing research about your organization. So it is essential to freshen the social media profiles to attract the customers.
  2. Social Media Community
    Creating a Social Media community in the form of Facebook Page, Linkedin Group or Google Plus Community is essential for every business. This gives the business owners control over the community and gives exposure to post content that can be helpful for the business. It is also possible to offer deals and discounts through such communities where many people come and read content.
  3. Content Creation Strategy
    The creation of content for social media is different from content creation for SEO. Posting of content in the form of text, images videos and infographics are vital for the success of social media plan. Proper use of keywords also need to be there inside the social media content to impress the customers in the first attempt.
  4. Interactivity through Social Media
    Brand mentions are essential for the success in social media. People like to be contacted and interact wit brands through social media to a great extend. Interactivity should also be part of social media marketing plan along with making connections.
  5. Maintenance of Social Media Platforms
    It is essential to check the social media profiles regularly in order to sort out negative reviews. Adding fresh content should also be part of social media marketing campaign. Joining and leaving communities and groups should also be monitored depending upon the popularity.

Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Learning Strategy

There are several disadvantages of Mobiles in daily use. But the advantages of having mobile in education sector have more advantages than disadvantages. The following are some of the major advantages of Mobiles in Education.

As the screen size of the mobile devices are small and the courses can be accessed through shorter modules it is easy to create short lessons on specific topic. This eventually helps the reader to retain the information in their brain. Learning through mobile helps to gather information as short bit sized chunks which is easy to remember.


As most of the users of mobile phones use it as a tool for gaming the method of game based learning is highly effective. Trainings given as short game based learning modules can help the employees learn better during their free hours.

More personalised learning experience can be given as part of Mobile Learning. Some learners prefer reading while some learners like to watch videos. Through these type of customizations it is possible to give Personalized Learning Experience.

Mobile learning gives the opportunity to continue learning even when offline. It can also be browsed outside the office and on the go. Reference can also be made about the content if internet connection is available.

School Management System Software Advantages for Administration Department

Modern schools are undergoing various changes and does not offer education alone. There are several activities like the admission process, placement process, financial management process, managing libraries, managing hostels and other miscellaneous operations. If there are several departments and the number of students and teachers is very high then it will be difficult to control the processes. Due to these ERP solutions are being implemented in various Schools. The following are some of the advantages of school Management system software as far as administrative departments are concerned.

  • Monitoring of performance of Individual Modules is possible through School Management System which removes the error that may occur during conventional administration methods
  • Report generation through Automated process which allows monitoring of end time for each process.
  • Centralization of data into  servers having security and making the access of data trouble free.
  • Accessing Data depending upon the profile of the user is possible through School Management System
  • Interface of the School Management System is user friendly and not much IT skills are required to operate it.

Top Internet Marketing Tips for Educational Institutions

As majority of students use internet, use of digital marketing is the most effective ways to convince students.

The usage of internet and other kinds of digital platforms have increased in the recent times. As majority of students use internet, use of digital marketing is the most effective ways to convince students. As more and more educational institutions like schools colleges and online institutions are adapting digital technologies in their curriculum. Usage of digital mediums inside the schools also have increased in the recent past for marketing purposes. Prospective students can also be contacted through various internet marketing methods.

The following are some of the reasons for using digital marketing for educational institutions.

  • Those students who are interested to join the courses are searching on line for better educational institutions.
  • Most of the students spend their time at internet that traditional media like news paper television etc.
  • Advertisements having visual elements on internet are more effective that using them in traditional media.
  • Most of the parents evaluate the performance of a school based on the presence on internet.
  • Students also prefer schools and colleges having interactive websites.
  • The presence of educational institutions on Social Media is also counted by students while choosing a course.
  • As far as taking admission in educational institutions are concerned internet is the most utilized platforms
  • Students who are residing out of station search internet for knowing more about the institutions
  • Internet is the most convenient option one can choose for taking admission process.

Top Five Social Media Trends

The popularity of Social Media Websites will be dominating in the year 2017 too. The impact of Social Media on our lives are so great that it affects the way we work play and socialize in the virtual world. The following are some of the trends in social media

  1. Live Streaming
    The technologies that helped us to upload videos through mobile devices will giving way to live streaming features introduced by Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the year 2017. The trend of sharing updates through live streaming videos can help business utilizing live events. Live Streaming also helps in building more credibility and trust among the viewers.
  2. Chatbot
    These are artificial intelligence enabled agents helping to communicate through conversations without the presence of humans. Facebook Messenger has recently introduced a chat bot feature which business utilize for various purposes. Chat bots usually help in automating the tasks earlier handled by humans. One of the advantage of chat bots is its availability round the clock without humans intervening in between.
  3. Expiring Content
    Business concerns usually tries various methods to attract customers by giving offers. Expiring content keeps the posts with offers being posted on social media platforms without cluttering and creating noise.  This also helps in getting attention in short period of time.  The expiring content also creates a feeling of urgency to be read among the viewers. Snap Chat and Instagram are trying these features on their platform which will be on rise in 2017.
  4. Consolidation
    As the industries evolve various companies acquire other promising concerns during the course of time. Facebook recently bought Whatsapp and Instagram and Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. As more and more business acquire social media platforms the rules in the social media landscape will also change. Social networking websites struggling in their market will be getting acquired in the year 2017 too.
  5. Organic and Paid Traffic
    In the beginning years it was not hard to keep on top of Social Search if a business have significant likes and considerable followers on Twitter.  People who likes certain Facebook pages are not really following their updates and many users utilize lists on twitter to get updates from important handles. Paid advertising on Social Media platforms has also risen and it is considered as one of the important marketing channel.

Top Online Learning Trends in Higher Education

Institutions delivering online courses are finding it difficult to stay on top due to the growing demand of end users. Every year new requirements are being added to the ever growing list of demands by the users. The following top factors elaborates the trend of Online Learning Trends in Higher Education.

The opportunities that exists for gaming looks promising due to various success factors. The dynamics of gaming while being applied to environments outside the spectrum creates more opportunities.  Incorporation of gaming  will be motivating more users into online learning platforms in the coming users. Recollection based factors can be enhanced more through online learning platforms.


Mobile Learning
It has been found through various studies that mobile apps play critical roles in online learning process. As more and more learners are demanding access to online course materials on the go mobile apps comes handy for usage. If more emphasis is not given to mobile learning platforms then there is chance of getting higher competition from new learning service providers. Users also find it convenient to access information regardless of the place and time through mobile devices.

Options to make the Online course more personalized can have advantages in accessing the information in short chunks. Micro learning factors also suggests personalized content for the purpose of learning in the coming years. Highly personalized content which is updated at a rapid phase is also helpful in increasing the engagement to te content.

Corporate Learning
For growing companies training new employees and empowerment is a growing concern. For this purpose Online Courses and Online Training are the best way to make the employees competent in the tasks. As more and more professionals are looking out growth opportunities and personal development corporate training is the best way to get the employees to be always attracted towards the organization.