App Search Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization and App Search Optimization have many differences and the way in which both are done have impact on users. In the case of SEO the moment enters a website the part of marketing is half over whereas in the case of App Search optimization the real marketing started at that moment. Instead of making people reach the website App Search involves converting the users to install the app.

The first step in doing App Search Optimization is doing the keyword research. The keywords that people might be using to search for can be found out using various tools available online. The landing page for the App must contain the keyword and the user must be able to understand the page reached is relevant to the query.

The description written about the App should also be able to convey the uses of the App. The content of the description is also used by App search engines to determine the relevancy of the content. However it is essential not to overdo the use of keywords inside the description of the content. .

The Logo and Icon of the App plays an important role in the eyes of the user. Most of the time a user sees is the icon of the App and it is the starting point in using an App. Three dimensional effect and realistic icons are having more attractive power than ordinary icons. A well designed icon stand out of the crowd and makes the App distinguishable in the eyes of the user.

The screenshot should describe the various layouts and user interface inside the App. It should not be used as a way to describe the various features of the product. Steps involved in using the App should be given with minimum number of screenshots while conveying maximum information.

Most Apps that are shining among a particular category have video trailers associated with it. It helps the user to know better about the product and conveys the idea about the app can be used. Videos also have the advantage of explaining the features of the App more effectively.

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