Advantages of using Subdomains on Website

There has been much debate going on whether to use sub directories or sub domains as part of internet marketing campaign. The following are some of the advantages of having sub domains.

  1. It is easy to get words that can make you stand out without losing the value of the brand name through subdomains.
  2. If properly configured subdomains can be used for increasing search engine ranking positions.
  3. If the subdomains created are having organized hierarchy it is easy to use for different purposes.
  4. As Search Engines treat subdomains separately as a new domain ranking penalties will not affect the main domain even if the subdomain is affected with ranking algorithm.
  5. Being successful through many subdomains will boost the rankings of the main domains.
  6. As it is easy to assign a different IP address for a subdomain web pages can be hosted on a different country upon convenience.
  7. Using subdomains it is easy to geotarget on different countries by providing different language websites.
  8. It is easy to categorize various departments of the organization under different sub domains.
  9. Content of the website which require more attention can be separated into a subdomain which is easier to configure without affecting the main website.
  10. Most of the web hosting and domain name service providers don’t take extra charges for hosting subdomains.

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